How Apple Business Chat can help enterprises with their call deflection goals

Apple Business Chat Suggest

With iOS 13, Apple introduced a new and interesting capability for Apple Business Chat – Chat Suggest. This capability enables enterprises to connect Apple Business Chat messaging to their existing phone numbers, enabling them to seamlessly deflect calls.

How does that work?

If an iOS user searches for a store or the contact information of a business, then taps the phone number, the device will then open up a call sheet, suggesting a messaging or call option. If the user then selects the messaging option, they are redirected to iMessage, starting a seamless back-and-forth with a virtual assistant or live agent, supported by the media-rich experience for which Apple Business Chat is known. For example, access to Apple Wallet for easy payments, inclusion of videos and images, carousels to select an option from a menu, access to the calendar and much more – all intended to simplify the customer engagement and make the experience with the brand more enjoyable and meaningful.

And the best part? There’s no implementation work needed (if you have Apple Business Chat already in use). The enterprise only needs to register a phone number for the Chat Suggest service. Going forward, every time an iOS user taps that phone number from anywhere on their iPhone or iPad, the device automatically opens up a call sheet with the option to message or call in.

Why is Apple Business Chat relevant?

That’s probably the most asked question we hear from enterprises. Messaging is becoming more and more important because consumers don’t want to wait on hold forever anymore. Yes, the phone is still essential for many consumers, but increasingly more just want to get their questions answered – fast and without listening to questionable music choices.

Over 55% of consumers prefer to use a form of messaging to communicate with companies.

2018 Customer Service Messaging Trends Report, commissioned by Nuance Communications

But not every customer is aware that your business offers messaging, so how do you let your customers know about this capability? That’s the whole point of Apple Business Chat Suggest. It lets the user know that there is a messaging option, so they can reach out easily, without waiting on hold, and without the requirement to download an app or accept any further terms of service.

And because Apple Business Chat is built into iMessage and included with every iOS-enabled device there’s a huge market to address – to be exact, there are 1.4 billion Apple devices, 900 million of which are iPhones 

Adding messaging to your customer engagement strategy couldn’t be easier. And with Nuance, enterprises can leverage our knowledge of best practices and conversational design, in combination with a customer engagement platform that addresses the customer’s inquiries in their moment of need without increasing contact center costs.

Engage your mobile customers on their terms.

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