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It’s no secret that today’s culture has adopted more of a self-help mentality. Not only do we prefer to serve ourselves when dealing with our bills or bank accounts, but we like to dabble a bit with DIY. From DIY cooking to DIY home repairs, from DIY language learning to DIY crafting, YouTube has become our source of expert advice and how-to’s. And not only do we turn to the experts for learning how to do things for ourselves, we turn to experts to feed our souls and minds – hence the TED Talk era.

Why is it that we’ve taken to this “ask-the-expert” mode, watching videos rather than going to a physical classroom or attending an expensive seminar? There is probably an endless number of reasons, but it all boils down to convenience. We expect immediacy and ease in pursuing our goals, whether it’s finding out what that mysterious spot on your hand is or figuring out how to sync your phone’s calendar with your pc’s calendar.

Considering this “ask-the-expert” mindset, Nuance has a large library of videos showcasing various issues enterprises face in their quest for optimal customer engagement, from security and analytics to virtual assistance and voice interfaces.

Today we’re bringing you a small sampling of our “Ask the Expert” series. We hope it fills your DIY tank in learning more about customer engagement innovation. If there is a topic none of these few videos covered, refer to the list below.

What is voice biometrics?

How can speech technology  improve the customer experience?

What’s with all the hype about AI?

More from the Nuance Ask the Expert video series:

Giving brands back their voice – How text-to-speech has changed

The transformation of customer engagement – What does the Modern Voice mean for businesses

Proactive engagement is more than just outbound – How organizations are tying together outbound and inbound engagement

Customer service messaging – engagement on the go. – Why do people message with companies?

Messaging for seamless customer engagement. – Can it be used for continuous engagement?

AI innovations for the Engagement of Things. – What are the benefits of AI to enterprises and customers? 

Virtual assistants powered by conversational AI. – What’s the difference between a chatbot and a virtual assistant?

Creating a virtual assistant powered by conversational AI. –  What should be considered? 

Deploying a virtual assistant powered by conversational AI. –  How do enterprises get started?

Virtual assistants learning from live agents. – How does it work?

Virtual assistants and live chat – better together. – When should you offer a virtual assistant vs. a live chat? 

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