Calling all developers: design, develop and deploy your own conversational AI solution

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As the conversational AI market is expected to grow from about $5 billion in 2020 to nearly $14 billion by 2025 – and while organizations reap significant financial benefits from these solutions – the race is on to design, develop, and deploy  AI technology to solve old problems in new and exciting ways. Technological advancements have made it possible for more developers than ever to take a DIY approach to creating much needed conversational experiences in an increasingly virtual world accelerated by COVID.

The challenge, however, lies in gaining access to the right services for the entire software development lifecycle. For example, some developers have relied on Mix to modernize their legacy interactive voice response phone trees to now encompass natural language understanding (NLU). Gaming developers have improved accessibility for their products with our speech technology. Financial institutions have used mix to build new voice-powered virtual assistants that create ideal customer experiences in transacting and banking. Healthcare organizations are taking care to new levels by deploying digital front door omni channel technologies for patients to manage their health much like consumers. The possibilities are endless. In fact, this is something we had the privilege of speaking about at a recent Project Voice summit, where Nuance Mix also won the Developer of the Year distinction.

Because these DIY-based solutions built with Nuance Mix can stand on their own or integrate with our suite of customer engagement solutions, we’re inviting all developers to sign up for Mix and see what you can unleash for enhanced customer experiences.

David Ardman

About David Ardman

David Ardman is Senior Vice President of R&D and Conversational AI at Nuance. A technical leader who grounds his approach to innovation in real problem solving, Ardman brings with him two decades of experience running integrated product, research and development and engineering teams. He received his Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University and resides in the Montreal, Canada area.