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Customers have come to expect a next-generation engagement experience from Esurance, the recipient of multiple consumer-satisfaction awards from JD Power and others. Consumers’ increased use of always-available digital channels has led to their raised expectation of connecting with organizations at any time and at any stage of the insurance customer journey.

Esurance customers know they can get their questions answered any time through digital channels. But as the insurer’s digital customer base grew, they didn’t want to have to increase their costs by adding more agents to their contact center. Instead, they wanted to leverage intelligent technology that understands what the customer needs and then provides the best solution, whether that be a quick answer from a virtual assistant (VA) or more in-depth help from a chat agent with the right skill set, thereby saving on live agent costs and increasing customer satisfaction. This technology would continuously give their customers the kind of service they needed, gathering meaningful and actionable insights that would allow them to optimize their customers’ journeys.

In order to meet these challenges, Esurance partnered with Nuance to implement the Nuance Digital Engagement Platform, that seamlessly combines automated and human-assisted engagements in digital channels. Esurance started with live chat in one business unit, then added other business units across both care and sales as success was proven. Soon, the Nuance VA was added to address the increasing amount of incoming inquiries. Now VA and live chat are “better together” because the VA can interact with more customers, answer their questions and include a human chat agent, if needed.

Targeting and business rules are always put into place, which help to identify which visitors need assistance and why, and co-browse capabilities are interwoven into Nuance live chat so that agents can see what the customer is seeing by sharing a common screen, allowing the agent to explain certain things in a more efficient way.

Esurance has enjoyed fantastic results with the Nuance Digital Engagement Platform. Within the first month of deployment, virtual assistant interactions had an 85% first contact resolution rate. And because of the combined presence of the VA and live chat, after the launch of the virtual assistant, live chat conversion rates improved by 23%. Both sales and customer care reap the rewards as automated and human-assisted engagements delivered over $4.4M in policy sales in Q3FY18, and 84% of engagements deflected a call, resulting in $1.6M in cost savings (Q3FY18). Esurance customers also benefit, as demonstrated by live chat customer satisfaction of 86%+.

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