It’s more than IoT. It’s EoT.

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) – the universal state of the modern age in which more and more objects in our daily lives are integrated with some sort of link to the internet and other devices. It’s basically a big information system. That’s why the nature of an IoT user’s interaction with a smart device, whether in the home, in a car, or on their body, has been one of simple requests like “What good Italian restaurant is near me?” or even “Do I need to buy more milk?” or “Please set the thermostat to 70 degrees.”

But the consumer’s relationship with their IoT world has become more sophisticated in that they assume they can converse with businesses in much the same way they access information at a simple command. Their interactions with brands are moving beyond their laptop or smartphone and onto whatever smart object they choose – while still reserving the right to engage the old-fashioned way on the phone. To increase the challenge, they expect the conversation they started on their smart TV to be the same conversation they continue on the mobile website or via SMS.

The question is how can organizations enable consumers to engage with them anywhere, through any device, without making it too complex?

This evolving customer experience brings rise to the concept we call the Engagement of Things™.

The Engagement of Things (EoT) is what we at Nuance define as the ecosystem of intelligent, conversational platforms that interconnect to provide consumers with a singular experience from whichever end-point they choose to engage.

In today’s world, intelligent conversational platforms are becoming interconnected to provide consumers with a streamlined, singular experience that helps them get complex, multi-layered tasks done through simple and intuitive dialog. By bringing together each end-point, from web, mobile phones and TVs to smart home devices and connected cars, and combining conversational AI with intelligent engagement, the Engagement of Things™ (EoT) enables brands to immediately understand a consumer’s need, no matter which channel they use, and predict exactly what that individual will do next.

The days of simple question and answer dialog with conversational systems are behind us. The Engagement of Things will let more complex tasks get done by connecting disparate sources of information and combining that data to better serve the consumer. Over time, simple requests like “Play my favorite song” will turn into complicated propositions like “I had an accident, I need to file a claim” that require a system to know what qualifying questions to ask (“is there a police report”, “what’s the account number,” “where was the accident”, etc.). The result will be a world in which consumers engage with brands the same way they do friends – through natural conversation across channels and without losing context.

We’re excited to be powering the Engagement of Things. It shows a promising future of organizations that can predict their customers’ needs and be there for them whenever and wherever they need. And for us at Nuance, that future is now.

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