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Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience ranked #1 for improving clinician experience

KLAS asked healthcare leaders to rate emerging technologies based on their potential to impact the Quadruple Aim. The healthcare IT research firm has now published its findings in a first-of-its-kind report entitled 2022 KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20—and we’re proud to announce that Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience® (DAX) was ranked #1 for improving the clinician experience.

Which innovative technologies are about to change healthcare for the better? KLAS recently asked 16 healthcare IT thought leaders to rate more than 40 emerging solutions on their potential to impact The Quadruple Aim of Healthcare: improve outcomes, reduce the cost of care, improve both the patient experience, and clinician experience.

The participants read KLAS reports to better understand the experiences of customers already using the emerging solutions. Then, they scored each solution on its power to impact each element of The Quadruple Aim.

Nuance DAX was the #1 ranked solution for improving clinician experience, with multiple thought leaders highlighting the ability of ambient clinical intelligence to address the enduring challenge of clinician burnout.

How Nuance DAX impacts the clinician experience

Nuance DAX has been revolutionizing physician-patient experiences at leading health systems such as Providence Health Care, University of Michigan Health-West, and Cooper University Health Care. And WellSpan Health is using DAX to transform access to care for the communities it serves.

The solution listens to physician-patient encounters, whether virtual or in an exam room, and securely captures the complete patient story, with the patient’s knowledge and consent. While the physician and patient discuss symptoms and treatment plans, Nuance DAX diarizes their speech, automatically translates it into a clinical note, and enters it directly into the EHR.

As multiple participants in the KLAS study noted, “ambient” technology has the potential to dramatically lighten a provider’s documentation burden, and as a result, their feelings of burnout. In our own studies, physicians using Nuance DAX have reported being able to document care in half the time—saving an average of seven minutes per encounter—enabling them to fully engage with the patients in their care, increase their efficiency and feeling 70% lower levels of burnout and fatigue.

By freeing providers to focus on the patients in front of them, not the fields on their screen, Nuance DAX also helps restore their sense of professional satisfaction. And their patients are feeling the difference too: 83% say that, with DAX, their physician is more personable and conversational.

What the thought leaders said

The healthcare leaders who contributed to the KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 report also shared the technology innovation themes that currently excite them the most—and that other providers should be paying close attention to.

Patty Lavely, Vice President, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Health Care District of Palm Beach County, singled out the capacity of “ambient listening” technology to reduce physician burnout.

Dr David Graham, a member of the KLAS Advisory Board, commented on the opportunity to improve patient experience, by improving communication, confidence, and trust.

“Patients have become hesitant about many attempts to improve documentation and order efficiency, such as in-person or virtual scribes. Most patients prefer the intimacy of the individual patient-physician encounter. Ambient dictation capture helps to eliminate the sense of other ears in the room and improves patient confidence and trust.”

David Graham, MD, KLAS Advisory Board (Source: 2022 KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20 Perception Report, KLAS, September 2022)

And Dr. Milisa Rizer, Chief Clinical Information Officer at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, highlighted the opportunity to help physicians rediscover their love of medicine.

“The use of ambient listening and transcription during patient visits has the potential to allow documentation to be left to the computer and to truly put the joy back in seeing patients.”

Milisa Rizer, MD, MPH, Chief Clinical Information Officer, The Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center (Source: 2022 KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20 Perception Report, KLAS, September 2022)

One top-ranked solution, that expands on another

Nuance DAX works seamlessly with Nuance Dragon Medical One which has been named the #1 Best in KLAS conversational AI speech-recognition solution for two consecutive years.

We couldn’t have done it alone

The top ranking given to Nuance DAX in the 2022 KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20 report is a tribute to the profound impact ambient clinical intelligence is having on clinician experiences. But it’s also a tribute to the vision of our many DAX customers, who are helping us to pioneer and perfect the future of healthcare.

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