A Tuesday to remember

Tuesday morning, I attended the HealthTrust University Conference in Nashville, where the theme was amplifying your influence. HealthTrust is a large industry organization with thousands of hospitals, health systems, and ambulatory members like HCA and Trinity. Their mission is to strengthen provider performance and clinical excellence.

The HealthTrust event featured a fireside chat with former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. I listened with great interest as Peyton shared his career lessons. One question asked of Peyton was how he distinguished the good from the great players. Peyton responded with the following traits: natural ability, work ethic, passion, and accountability. As I sat back and processed Peyton’s answer, I was reminded of my own leadership team, and the greatness that they portray each day.

Following Peyton’s fireside chat, I was called to the stage. HealthTrust awarded our Nuance team with the first annual Cybersecurity Excellence Award. Again, I listened with interest as a HealthTrust executive shared with the audience that Nuance was receiving this award for our transparency, the collaborative spirit we demonstrated in working with our customers, and our willingness to share lessons learned and influence health systems preparedness. I was humbled, and to say that I was honored would be an absolute understatement.

Later in the day I had the pleasure of a conversation with Steve Long, CEO of Hancock Health. Earlier this year, Steve’s organization suffered from a cyberattack in which patient data was hijacked. Steve offered to share his story with our customers via a webinar on Tuesday. Steve shared that the type of ransomware Hancock Health was impacted by is unfortunately becoming commonplace, and hospitals remain a target. So, he shared approaches for hospitals to protect against similar cybercrime.

Once Hancock Health’s recovery efforts were complete, Steve could have simply shored up his own boundaries and gotten back to business as usual. But that’s not what Steve chose to do. Instead, Steve is doing what I believe is the most important thing a leader can do – he’s going above and beyond to share his story and influence people.

The notion of a leader that influences others is one that I hold dear, in large part because when we do this well, we inspire trust in our teams and in our customers. Creating a culture of trust is essential to an organization that’s poised for growth. That is, employees who work in high-trust organizations report 74% less stress, 106% more energy at work, 40% less burnout—among other benefits for employees and organizations alike. There’s neuroscience behind this culture of trust, writes Harvard Business Review, but ultimately leaders, like Steve Long, that influence people are at the heart of a high-trust culture.

Leadership and teams are tested in times of adversity and Tuesday was an opportunity for me to reflect on the great leaders that I work with that ultimately delivered a Tuesday to remember.