Amplifying Innovation: The “special sauce” for radiologists

Primordial Innovation Lab is partnering with industry leaders such as Lahey Clinic, Yale and University of Colorado, to solve radiology’s greatest challenges and create tomorrow’s solutions.

Nuance is excited to be continuing a tradition of tailored radiology solutions leveraging client-thinking and rapid prototyping. These solutions deliver disruptive technologies that solve challenges, optimize workflow and increase efficiencies to improve patient care. It is this core culture and a continued enthusiasm to always think bigger and delight clients that will be the “secret sauce” behind true clinical transformation.

We are eagerly anticipating the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting later this month in Chicago, and have something special planned in our booth.  We are highlighting Primordial Innovation Lab, a San Mateo, CA-based leader in workflow, productivity and quality solutions for diagnostic imaging, that joined the Nuance family earlier this year.  

Primordial Innovation Lab is partnering with industry leaders such as Lahey Clinic, Yale and University of Colorado to solve radiology’s greatest challenges and create tomorrow’s solutions.

I sat down for a few minutes with one of the founders Dimitri Zarboulas to learn more about this unique incubator of custom radiology solutions:

KH:  How did the Primordial Innovation Lab come to be? What was your original vision?

DZ: It developed organically, starting in 2005. Our initial solutions were integrations that no one else was interested in providing, so by necessity they were unique, highly customized, and required working with customers in the field.  We developed close relationships, which led to new ideas of what was possible to address shortcomings in existing systems and workflow.  Via a flexible web-based and modular software platform, with unique schemes for customer-specific customizations, the Lab can create and deliver a solution more quickly than other vendors.

We quickly realized that extreme customization and service was the name of the game.  And that we should let customers and the market steer us to where the innovations were needed.

KH: How is being a part of Nuance affecting that evolution?

DZ: Nuance has been wonderful in appreciating the need and value of the Primordial

Dimitri Zarboulas, Primordial Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab approach, and has fostered a continuation and strengthening of the Primordial relationships, service, products, and innovation within the Nuance umbrella.  This is a unique and visionary approach for a large company to take.

KH: How do you choose customer innovation partners and what value do they bring to the innovative process?

DZ: We do not choose our innovation partners, rather they choose us. Sometimes it is a luminary academic center that has the great ideas.  Other times, it’s a small community hospital that has the great idea.  Requests and close relationships come from and are established with radiologists, residents, technologists, clerical staff, and administrators.  Good ideas can come from just about anyone.

KH: What’s next for the Lab?

DZ:  Nuance and Primordial have taken two of its most strategic products in Workflow Orchestration and Lung Cancer Screening, and integrated them into their scaled delivery infrastructure for deployment to a wider Nuance customer base – the vision is a more cohesive and integrated environment on the radiologist desktop.  In parallel, the Innovation Lab continues to support and deliver net new features, modules and solutions for existing customers in areas of workflow, communication and analytics –because Nuance believes the next great ideas will continue to come from these customers and relationships.

We look forward to connecting with you at #RSNA17. Schedule an appointment with us here and visit our team in booth #2700. 

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Karen Holzberger

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Karen Holzberger is the vice president and general manager of Nuance’s Healthcare’s diagnostic solutions business. Karen joined Nuance in 2014 with more than 15 years of experience in the Healthcare industry. Prior to Nuance, she was the vice president and general manager of Global Radiology Workflow at GE Healthcare where she managed service, implementation, product management and development for mission critical healthcare IT software. Karen attended Stevens Institute of Technology where she earned a B.S in Mechanical Engineering.