Are you using secure speech recognition in your mobile messaging app?

Adding speech to secure clinical communications benefits doctors and patients

Every day, Americans send billions of text and mobile messages—and the “just text me” movement has spilled over from our personal lives to the workplace. Likewise, healthcare providers also have come to rely on text messaging to communicate with care teams and get quick answers to questions about patient care.

A problem arises, however, if any of those text messages contain patients’ protected health information. It’s a clear violation of HIPAA, and even if clinicians are using their own personal devices, they expose their employer, themselves and the patient to significant risks.

The answer is not to discourage texting as a form of communication. On the contrary, healthcare organizations need secure messaging platforms that maintain the convenience of sending a quick text while managing risk. TruliaCare is one such mobile application that allows clinicians to collaborate with each other; it enables encrypted, HIPAA-compliant text messaging and professional communication, and integrates with health IT systems for a custom, unified provider experience.

And now, Nuance has collaborated with TruliaCare to grant Dragon Medical One subscribers access to AI-powered speech recognition within the TruliaCare secure messaging platform. Every Dragon Medical One user has a unique Nuance Healthcare ID, which can be used to access their personal profile within TruliaCare for a familiar Dragon Medical experience—reliable, accurate speech recognition; custom vocabulary; and time-saving AutoTexts—within the secure communication and collaboration environment.

Today’s physicians are more mobile than ever—and that’s not changing any time soon—and so to begin enjoying the real-time, intelligent speech-enabled workflows within TruliaCare, Dragon Medical One subscribers can learn how to register their Nuance Healthcare ID and begin reaping the benefits of speech-enabled workflows in a growing catalog of mobile productivity apps as well as gain immediate access to new tools, such as Dragon Medical Clinical Calculators, all within Dragon Medical One.


Jonathon Dreyer

About Jonathon Dreyer

Jonathon Dreyer is the vice president of solutions marketing for Nuance where he is driving a physician-first approach to medicine by bringing cloud-based speech recognition and clinical language understanding technology to a worldwide community of healthcare IT developers and provider organizations. Prior to his current role, Jon worked as the solutions marketing manager for Diagnostic Imaging at Nuance and previously headed up marketing at Commissure Inc., a provider of clinical documentation and healthcare communication solutions. Jon graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors at Wayne State University where he earned a B.S business administration.