AI meets patients at the bedside

AI disrupts healthcare in the best possible way: by making it easier to capture and improve patient stories in ways that contribute to the better outcomes – for the health system and most importantly for the patients.

A visit to the physician has never been as carefully documented as it is today. Technological developments now allow us to record patient interactions and monitor patient health in ways that were not previously possible.

Is the vast data set collected in exam rooms and at bedsides such as blood pressure, oxygen levels, lipids, cardiac function, and other important physician notes, being captured effectively to optimize patient care and improve outcomes?

The answer too often is no.

Magnolia Regional Health Center (MRHC), a 200-bed, acute care community hospital serving Northeast Mississippi and Southern Tennessee, wanted to ensure its staff was thoroughly documenting the level of care provided to patients. MRHC admits they had a difficult experience with a previous Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) vendor due to poor implementation and lack of training.  The hospital believed incomplete documentation was contributing to poor quality scores that were negatively affecting both hospital and physician quality ratings.

David Parker, MRHC’s chief information officer stated, “Our documentation did not tell the complete patient story. Our patients were much sicker than our notes revealed, and we needed to do a better job of showing the level of care we were providing.”

MRHC needed a solution that would make that data more actionable.  They selected and implemented our artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions including Dragon Medical One, to create a unified speech-driven approach to clinical documentation and to optimize their electronic health record systems (EHRs).

Parker also stated, “The long-term advantages of Nuance’s strong relationship with MEDITECH made Nuance an obvious consideration. We were impressed by the platform speed – but what really sold us was the technology’s ability to grow in sync with our EHR to meet our evolving needs. Our physicians rapidly and overwhelmingly embraced Dragon Medical, citing ease of use and improved documentation – a win for both the organization and our physicians.”

Once Dragon Medical was fully implemented, MRHC succeeded in reducing traditional medical transcription by 100%. MRHC has adopted Dragon Medical solutions rapidly, with nearly 200 initial active users. Encouraged by the success of Dragon Medical, MRHC expanded its investment in Nuance by deploying Nuance Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI) with CDI professional services. According to Parker, that shift would represent an increase of over $1 million in appropriate reimbursement in the first year alone.

AI solutions and cloud technology are already helping patients displaced by the destructive hurricanes that have battered the southeastern United States in recent weeks. MRHC’s use of our AI offerings have given them the opportunity to disrupt healthcare in the best possible way: by making it easier to realize better outcomes for the health system, and most importantly, for the patients.

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Satish Maripuri

About Satish Maripuri

Satish Maripuri is the executive vice president and general manager of Nuance’s Healthcare division, overseeing all operational aspects of the business, including innovation strategy, product development, marketing, sales, partnerships, and client relationships across the company’s healthcare solutions portfolio. Under Satish’s leadership, Nuance Healthcare returned to growth from a 4% decline to 9% growth within three years. Satish is passionate about the criticality of purpose-driven culture and leadership to drive business growth. He has more than 28 years of management experience in enterprise software, SaaS solutions, natural language processing (NLP), artificial Intelligence (AI), international operations, global mobile workforces, and cloud services. Prior to joining Nuance in 2012, Satish held several executive leadership positions at global technology companies, including Solera Holdings, Lionbridge Technologies, and Imprivata. Satish holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University and M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University.