Caring for more hearts

Every February, health associations recognize American Heart Month and dedicate resources and efforts towards raising awareness for heart health and preventing heart disease. There is too much at stake so taking time to educate ourselves on the impact of this disease is of paramount importance.

Especially considering that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. About one of every four deaths in the U.S is due to cardiovascular conditions. In addition, the CDC estimates these events cost the United States about $363 billion annually in the form of healthcare services, medications, and lost productivity.

Among the services providers commonly use to diagnose and treat patients with heart disease is cardiac catheterization. This procedure is challenging to document, code, and bill adequately and recent research indicates that as many as 45% of physician reports contain coding errors. Devices used can go unbilled, and about 1 in 6 cases pose a compliance risk from over-coding. Capturing the clinical picture of the catheterization is also difficult from showing which vessels are affected, how much blockage they have, and recording the results of coronary interventions on those blockages.

We at Nuance have long supported our providers with workflow-integrated computer-assisted physician documentation solutions, and we have improved these tools for cardiovascular care settings. Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD, developed in partnership with ZHealth, helps hospitals and providers recognize the full clinical, coding, and quality aspects of interventional cardiology procedures. It is a single solution that harnesses ZHealth’s unique platform into a modern and intuitive documentation process.

You can learn more about Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD here, but to summarize its many benefits:

  • accelerates revenue cycles
  • provides efficiency for providers
  • enhances compliance efforts, thanks to automated documentation and coding capabilities.

In other words, we are making it easier to care for more hearts—not just in February, but every day of the year.

Improving the documentation‑to‑coding process in the cath lab

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Robert Budman, MD

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Dr. Budman is Board Certified in Family Med & Informatics. He focuses on efficiency, safety, and quality initiatives with global experience in multi-EHR and service line care delivery. His work involves implementation, workflow adoption, and optimization. Dr. Budman earned multiple clinical awards and speaks extensively on healthcare IT.