Customer Success: recognition matters

Search “employee recognition” and Google serves you a trove of great think pieces that tell us something we should instinctively know – recognizing employees for a job well done matters. Recognizing our employees positively affects their happiness and morale and therefore their loyalty, performance, and productivity. It also improves the relationships between employees and managers. In fact, Harvard Business Review says employee recognition is “the easiest thing you can do to be a great boss.”

The personal “glow” we get when we’re recognized for our efforts doesn’t just apply when you’re an employee. That is, when you’ve done great things, solved big problems, overcome obstacles—being recognized for it matters.

In other words, customer recognition matters, too. At Nuance, we try to go well beyond loyalty rewards and tokens of appreciation. At Nuance, recognition extends into fully celebrating our customers’ successes; after all, our customers are at the center of all we do, and our success depends on their success.

For example, we recently had the distinct honor of celebrating eight Nuance customers who have leveraged our technologies to make significant contributions to the patient experience, to their organizations’ financial and quality outcomes, to innovation, and to organizational culture. We awarded these customers in five categories (Patient First, Growth, Innovation, People and Culture, and Efficiency), recognizing extraordinary programs such as the Backstop program at the University of Rochester Medical Center, quality outcomes at UHS, Johns Hopkins’ Joy in Medicine initiative, and others.

We are grateful for the ongoing opportunities to do and make what matters in healthcare – with and for – our customers. And, we recognize the value of their success.

The Customer Success blog series with Brad Morrison, Senior Vice President of Nuance Healthcare Customer Success, is an honest take on the ways to build and maintain strong relationships with your customers. The Customer Success blog shares industry insights, lessons learned, and humble advice based on both failure and successes. 


Brad Morrison

About Brad Morrison

Brad leads the Nuance Healthcare Customer Success Organization (CSO), which focuses on creating a holistic customer experience from pre-sales through lifetime management. Prior to joining Nuance in 2013, Brad served as a vice president at M*Modal, where he oversaw the sales and account management organizations. He holds a B.A. in business from the University of Alabama.