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CMS' new Patient over Paperwork initiative comes at a crucial moment in healthcare. PCPs spend an estimated six hours daily on EHR data entry during a typical workday.

I was heartened by the recent news that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is reevaluating its provider regulations. The agency is concerned that the rules overly limit the amount of time that providers spend with their patients.

This reconsideration effort – called the Patient over Paperwork initiative – comes at a crucial moment in healthcare.  Today, primary care physicians are spending  an estimated six hours daily on EHR data entry during a typical workday.

Our research shows that clinicians overall spend an estimated 43% of their day at a computer. Healthcare experts say this is producing unacceptable levels of clinician stress and burnout.

In her announcement, CMS Administrator Seema Verma said she is considering the longstanding complaint that federal Meaningful Use requirements ­– which measure how well providers are using health IT – may be too burdensome, without offering enough benefit.

Onerous administrative burdens force clinicians to turn their chairs towards a screen, and away from the patient.

Providers are clamoring to reclaim more time for focused patient care. When properly supported and augmented by AI tools, clinicians can focus on the person in front of them.

In our version of the ideal office visit, clinicians use AI and cloud-based tools to have a conversation with the patient, not click through computer screens. The entire interaction is personal and productive for both parties.

Clinicians tell us their top priority is reclaiming their time, and every minute not spent clicking or waiting can be used for the art of medicine, not the burden of paperwork.

At Nuance, we are constantly seeking new ways to empower every clinician to turn that chair back towards the patient in front of them, and we will watch this CMS initiative with keen interest.

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