Achieve accurate coding and billing for cardiovascular procedures with AI solutions

Cath Lab national data indicates that hospitals across the United States continue to grapple with accurate billing, with missed reimbursement costs averaging $8,000 per case due to under coding. Also, approximately one-in-six cases pose a compliance risk due to coding inaccuracies. 

There are several factors contributing to this ongoing challenge. Interventional cardiovascular procedures are complex and include variable factors such as patient anatomy, history, and presentation.  Cardiologists’ technique, practice approach, and documentation styles can also vary. Further, individual cardiologists’ dictation styles for documentation are not always standardized, leading to differences in the documented level of details, documentation output, and inconsistencies between the narrative and the actual procedure. Finally, interventional cardiology coding is extremely complex, plus the coding standards and requirements frequently change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only stressed these challenges further. Some patients have chosen to forego elective cardiac procedures due to their concerns over COVID-19 exposure, thus creating a backlog of cases. These are now being rescheduled. Cath Labs must schedule and perform these procedures, and obligately cardiologists must complete the documentation efficiently and accurately.  As a result, cardiologists at risk for burnout are faced with more tasks, and therefore more documentation rework if the procedures are not captured right the first time.

Intelligent specialized CAPD solutions are designed to automatically improve the completeness, accuracy, and quality of complex documentation. Cardiology-focused computer assisted physician documentation (CAPD) solutions allow cardiologists to complete documentation accurately the first time. An elegantly captured interventional note that describes the procedure in terms of narrative, graphics, and supplies to ensure the built-in logic delivers a properly coded record that drives accurate and maximally reimbursed compliant billing without missing components.

Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD, developed in partnership with ZHealth, the leading authority on interventional coding, combines information pulled from the hemodynamic system and the patient record systems and detailed anatomical images through an intuitive UI workflow to create the right documentation the first time. Codes are applied to the documentation using comprehensive coding logic based on the latest coding standards updated in the cloud regularly with every change.  This automated intelligence allows cardiologists to capture the details of procedures in a fast and adoptable platform.

Heart disease, an ever present and growing problem, drives more interventional cardiology procedures. Hospitals must evaluate and choose tools and technology that provide cardiologists with the information they need to document efficiently, completely, and accurately the first time without rework to ensure their documentation aligns with the latest coding and compliance standards.

With Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD, healthcare systems bill patients quicker and ensure near 100% accuracy with their cardiologists’ documentation of these vital clinical interventions for heart health.

Achieve appropriate reimbursement for cardiovascular procedures

Nuance Cardiovascular CAPD, powered by ZHealth, improves interventional cardiology case reporting speed and accuracy with a single documentation‑to‑coding system that enables physicians to create fully‑specified reports completed with codes generated automatically.

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Robert Budman, MD

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