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Care Thread Q&A: Improving clinician workflow through secure and efficient communication

Many clinicians experience delays in care and uncertainty because they are using disparate modes of communication to coordinate with their care teams. Miscommunication issues among care team members can not only waste time for all parties involved but create serious medical errors and outcomes. Nick Adams, co-founder and president, Care Thread, shares his thoughts about how to create efficient clinician workflow and positive physician-to-patient experiences through the use of innovative technology.
Secure and efficient communications supports quality patient care and the clinician experience

Care team communication technology is key for physician efficiency and patient care, as the current amount of time physicians and nurses waste trying to coordinate care without these tools is staggering

This is part of our series highlighting apps that power physicians with voice using the new Dragon Medical One cloud platform.

Care Thread is on a mission to eliminate miscommunication and medical errors in healthcare. They do this with a secure mobile communications platform for hospitals and health systems that allows clinicians to communicate securely and accurately about patient care in real time from any mobile device or web browser. The Care Thread platform, now integrated with Nuance Dragon® Medical speech recognition, is used by all types of clinically-trained professionals to better coordinate care across the continuum while improving the clinician’s experience and patient care.



Jonathon Dreyer: What challenges in the healthcare industry drove you to build Care Thread?

Nick Adams: We were compelled to reduce the sheer number of serious medical errors that directly result from miscommunication. Growing up in the healthcare industry, my co-founder and I witnessed the staggering amount of time physicians and nurses waste keeping track of information, playing phone tag and generally trying to coordinate care. We knew this had to be a contributing factor to the miscommunication.

JD: What inspires you when creating an app?

NA: We build our platform and communication application for all types of professionals who make up patient care teams. Part of our mission of eliminating miscommunication in healthcare is to build digital tools that actually improve the experience of being a clinician today. That is what drives us in everything we do.

JD: Why is it so hard for clinicians to communicate in healthcare?

NA: It’s not that clinicians are bad communicators, but rather there is such a large amount of information to keep track of that there needed to be a better way to stay on top of the information beyond securing text message apps and other disparate modes of communication. We realized communication technologies in healthcare are totally separated from EMR systems so clinical care teams are stuck using old modalities that further the challenge by wasting time and creating delays rather than fixing the issue.

JD: How does your app help enhance physician-to-patient communication?

NA: Care Thread saves physicians the time it takes to get in sync with care teams about each patient. By spending less time gathering information and coordinating care, physicians can spend more time providing care to patients, including directly communicating with them. Additionally, the platform can enable care team-to-patient secure communication, accurately show the patient who their care team is, and make the patient feel that their physicians and broader care teams are working together and are in sync.

JD: How will Nuance technology and the power of voice enhance Care Thread?

NA: By integrating Nuance Dragon Medical and Care Thread, physicians will have the anywhere, anytime ability to dictate communication messages, notes, forms and even Macros templates, back into the EMR. All of the dictation is medically accurate, secure and patient-specific.

JD: What is your vision for Care Thread in the next 5 years?

NA: We see the need for full EMR integration which will enable predictive communications that engage the right people at the right time so every patient is digitally managed. This includes analysis of unstructured text messaging and conversations of care per patient per disease state, to identify the presence (or lack thereof) of pertinent clinical discussion topics.

JD: What do you think the future of mobile health will look like?

NA: The future of mobile health will become predictive, enabling anywhere, anytime patient care that is both proactive and preventative because of the ability of mobile to reach everyone who has a smart device and needs healthcare engagement.


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To learn more about Care Thread, please visit http://www.carethread.com/.

To learn more about Nuance Dragon Medical One, please visit www.nuance.com/dragonmedicalone.

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Secure, voice-enabled communications drives efficient collaboration, supports quality patient care and improves the clinician experience

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