Customer Success: The power of innovating with and for our customers

Values are like good friends – they demonstrate their strength during the difficult times.

We are proud of our Nuance Healthcare core values. In particular, we act with integrity, think big, strive for excellence, and focus on our customers—among others. These values have served as watchwords and guiding principles – through good times and difficult times. 

Over the last few weeks, every one of us has seen our lives transformed in profound ways. We’ve made changes personally and professionally. For example, those of us accustomed to traveling and meeting with customers must adapt to working from home and meeting via Teams or Zoom. Parents are juggling work responsibilities with childcare – in many cases learning how to homeschool—and in some cases caring for elderly relatives on top of it all. 

In spite of these drastic changes, we see more and more heartwarming stories of people making the best of a tough situation, helping their neighbors, and lifting each other up. Never has the value of striving for excellence been more evident. 

Changes are happening at the organizational level too, while businesses around the world adapt quickly to uncertainty. We recognize that many our customers are on the frontlines of the pandemic right now—and they’re helping to move the rest of us forward; we are so grateful. 

As I reflect on that gratitude, I am also reminded of – and grateful for – the power of our technology to transform businesses and to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We at Nuance have long been committed to transforming business by innovating with and for our customers. So, when difficult times hit, we face the challenges with our customers; we think big and keep innovating to find a resolve. In fact, in a single week, we launched multiple solutions and continue to add to the list of COVID-19-specific offerings in response to our customers’ requests. 

We are fully engaged with and focused on our customers who we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with every day. We are in this together – and we are here for them – always. As with every challenge we face together, we are determined to emerge from this experience stronger than we entered it.  

While we can’t predict the future, we can continue to innovate together to prepare for it. And we can demonstrate our strength during difficult times – just like a friend – and our values. 

To learn more about the ways Nuance is helping our healthcare customers during this time, click here.

Stay safe and be well.

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To learn more about the ways Nuance is helping our healthcare customers during this time, click here.

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Brad Morrison
About Brad Morrison

Brad leads the Nuance Healthcare Customer Success Organization (CSO), which focuses on creating a holistic customer experience from pre-sales through lifetime management. He has 20 years of experience in healthcare IT with leadership roles in Sales, Operations, and Customer Success. Brad joined Nuance in 2013 to lead Account Management and Sales Support. Prior to joining Nuance, he served in Senior Leadership positions at M*Modal, where he oversaw the strategic sales and account management organizations. He holds a B.A. in business and computer science from the University of Alabama.