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As we find ourselves in a period of transition, we remember how change and transformation are good for us – personally and professionally. Our own experiences in creating and implementing change for the healthcare industry offer insights and lessons.
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It is fitting that Nuance, a company leading change and growth in healthcare IT, experience our own change and transition. Our change comes with the planned retirement of Paul Ricci, who for the past 18 years as Nuance CEO led the company’s growth from a $50 million software publisher to a multi-billion-dollar leader in Conversational AI, with 14,000 employees worldwide. The vision, established during Paul’s tenure, of using speech technology to let people interact with computers and data easily and naturally, has brought us to a pivotal moment in time – with ownership of some of the most impactful technologies known today.

We thank Paul for his contributions and welcome the leadership of incoming CEO Mark Benjamin to embrace this moment and drive new levels of growth across our organization.

Mark’s decades of experience and recognized expertise in directly relevant technology and market segments create an exciting and compelling synergy with our core values, competencies, and priorities. Mark is stepping forward to lead Nuance in a position of strength as we follow our growth trajectory. Based on discussions with Mark, it’s clear he shares our commitment to keeping the customer first, to fostering trust, to focusing on growth, and to personal and organizational resilience. Mark’s own vision and skills honed through his extensive experiences in industries that also have shifted and evolved will complement and build upon our success.

The overall pace of change in technology – especially in healthcare – is accelerating. As such, the very nature of our work in healthcare places us squarely in the business of creating and enduring change. Our skill comes into play in directing and leading that change to produce the greatest good. In our case, it’s nothing less than to fundamentally transform the quality, economics, and outcomes of healthcare.

At Nuance Healthcare, we all share and remain focused on a vision for the future; understand the importance of our work; and embrace successful change.



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Satish Maripuri

About Satish Maripuri

Satish Maripuri is the executive vice president and general manager of Nuance’s Healthcare division, overseeing all operational aspects of the business, including innovation strategy, product development, marketing, sales, partnerships, and client relationships across the company’s healthcare solutions portfolio. Under Satish’s leadership, Nuance Healthcare returned to growth from a 4% decline to 9% growth within three years. Satish is passionate about the criticality of purpose-driven culture and leadership to drive business growth. He has more than 28 years of management experience in enterprise software, SaaS solutions, natural language processing (NLP), artificial Intelligence (AI), international operations, global mobile workforces, and cloud services. Prior to joining Nuance in 2012, Satish held several executive leadership positions at global technology companies, including Solera Holdings, Lionbridge Technologies, and Imprivata. Satish holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University and M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University.