Who really has the antibodies to healthcare tech adoption?

According to a recent survey, the majority of physicians stated they would prefer to be involved in health technology selection and adoption.

A lot has been written about physician resistance to tech adoption, but is this true?  According to a recent survey, 88 percent of physicians said they would give their time, seeing fewer patients and making less money for a period of six to nine months, to “become deeply involved in a clinical documentation technology implementation.”

With the ICD-10 transition nine months away, clinical documentation improvement has become imperative to ensuring accuracy, providing quality care to patients, and protecting revenue cycles.  But the technology being implemented needs to work for physicians, not add to their already overburdened schedules.  So, when 98 percent of physicians surveyed say they find post-discharge coding queries disruptive to their workflows, it becomes evident that something needs to change.  It’s time we start taking notes on what our clinicians’ are telling us, involve them in the technology decisions that impact them, and devise and implement intuitive workflows that fit their daily routines.

Check out the “Physician Attitudes Toward Clinical Documentation Technology & Processes” survey and hear what physicians are telling us:

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Dr. Nick van Terheyden

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