Tapping into innovation at HUBweek

Artificial intelligence: a game-changing revolution with deep implications for the future of work and communication

It’s been said that if a person were to travel through time and join us in 2017, our technologies would look like magic to them. Think about that for a moment. The technologies we rely on in our daily lives—and perhaps even take for granted—would be so foreign to our great-grandparents, that they would not believe their eyes.

It isn’t magic that’s driving us forward, although it’s wise to marvel at the progress we’ve made in the last several decades. From smart phones to autonomous cars to artificial intelligence, innovation is all around us today; the implications for our future are significant.

At Nuance we know that AI represents a game-changing moment for physicians. As healthcare becomes increasingly complex, AI and machine learning can help physicians make better decisions about patient care and diagnosis—if they’re willing to trust in the power of the technology.

Photo credit: HUBweek 2017

In fact, this very topic was on the agenda during an interactive session led by leaders from Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham Women’s Hospital, MIT, and Harvard Medical School called Deep Dive: The A.I. Revolution in Medicine last week during HUBweek.

This was the third annual HUBweek, a one-of-a-kind civic collaboration that strives to support and strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Boston and Cambridge to provide an on-ramp to the innovation economy in Boston to both future and current innovators.

At the HUBweek Future Forum, experts considered how the pervasiveness of AI is having an impact on work, health and communication. Most people are excited about how AI can make life better for clinicians, and Nuance researchers continue to invest in time and talent to make groundbreaking strides in human-machine intelligence and communication.

Meeting Kathleen Kennedy, the Co-founder of HUBweek and Director of Special Projects at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was a real pleasure as her innovation and creativity are boundless. But what struck me most about Kathleen is that she always sees possibilities.

At Nuance we are committed to improving healthcare and helping to redefine how physicians and care teams interact with the innovations available today, pushing the envelope of what’s possible. The opportunities are all around us, we just have to tap into them.

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