The power of you. Multiplied.

Late last year, KLAS Research wrote about the three biggest challenges in healthcare IT: (1) interoperability and data acquisition; (2) provider engagement and burnout; and (3) the financial pressures of the cost of care. We all know there are many challenges that healthcare organizations struggle with every day.

At Nuance, we are working to reduce transcription costs by 100%, help providers spend 45% less time in clinical documentation and remove 80% of the clicks to retrieve EHR information. We are helping radiologists improve their productivity by 31%, and CFOs increase appropriate reimbursements by $45 million annually.

We listen closely to our customers, and then merge that input with engineering, product innovation, and implementation design. For us, it’s a synergistic, virtuous cycle in which technological advances emerge from solving problems. For example, 94% of users say Nuance technology helps them do their jobs better by improving the quality of their documentation, and helps them save more than 30 minutes every day. Radiologists are sharing their stories about how they’re reducing turnaround times and improving compliance efforts.

As we’ve envisioned a world where technology enhances the ability for clinicians to take care of their patients and doesn’t get in the way — we wanted and needed to find a powerful way to share these insights with you. And so, it’s no coincidence that we are launching our newest campaign: The power of you. Multiplied.

When you put our industry-leading technology and teams on your side, you can and will multiply your effectiveness, accuracy, efficiency, compliance, profitability, and patient outcomes. This campaign sheds light on how we are arming our customers with the right technological advancements and support to empower people to do more…to get more out of every patient encounter, every interaction with the EHR, and every day of life.