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TigerConnect Q&A: Giving developers the power of speech for secure clinical messaging

Clinicians rely heavily on mobile and messaging solutions to solve communications gaps—both with patients and other healthcare professionals—yet many clinicians (and healthcare developers) fail to understand the security gaps that exist with mobile communications in healthcare where there are more rigorous requirements to protect patient health information (PHI) and preserve confidentiality. Itamar Kandel, president of TigerConnect, discusses his goals for improving clinical communications and the importance of integrated speech recognition.

This is part of our series highlighting apps that power physicians with voice using the new Dragon Medical One cloud platform.

TigerText’s developer platform, TigerConnect, enables developers in the healthcare industry to build secure messaging solutions into their applications in seconds instead of years. This platform gives healthcare developers the tools they need to solve communication gaps around transition of care, completing orders and engaging patients, helping physicians message each other and patients. And, now developers can bring it all to life with the industry’s market leading speech recognition.


Jonathon Dreyer: What challenges in the healthcare industry drove you to build TigerConnect?

Itamar Kandel: We continually experienced the challenges of integration and “walled gardens” in our sector in trying to bring secure messaging to physicians. Building a healthcare messaging solution from scratch takes a lot of time – it took us six years to reach where we are today with a fully-featured, tested and proven application. TigerText launched TigerConnect, the platform-as-a-service business, to enable every healthcare developer to embed secure messaging into any app they want fast and easily.

JD: What is the current situation for clinician use of mobile communications? What is TigerConnect looking to improve?

IK: All clinicians rely heavily on mobile and messaging solutions to solve communications gaps around transition of care, order completion and patient engagement. However, many clinicians (and healthcare developers) fail to understand the security gaps that exist with mobile communications in healthcare where there are more rigorous requirements to protect patient health information (PHI) and preserve confidentiality. By relying on non-HIPAA-compliant solutions like SMS, they expose their hospitals and organizations to compliance risk. TigerConnect solves this issue immediately, while also providing a richer feature set that has been tested at scale with thousands of organizations.

JD: What is the big “a-ha moment” for your development partners?

IK: Our development partners can start sending messages in less than five minutes. If they tried to build a similar solution from scratch it would take months just to achieve even a minimally viable product, let alone a complete solution.

For example, telemedicine technology companies are able to offer a fully-integrated solution that leverages TigerConnect and Nuance technologies to support:

  • Messaging a patient to schedule a video chat;
  • Recording voice notes during the session to later embed into their EMR as text files;
  • Checking-in with their patient two days after the online visit to verify drug adherence;
  • Downloading a fully-featured mobile messaging application.

JD: How does TigerConnect help improve both the patient/physician consultation and physician-to-physician communication?

IK: TigerConnect enables solutions to be built that allow patients and physicians to communicate directly via secure messenger to easily share text, photos and videos with each other whenever needed.

Using our tools, physicians communicate directly with other physicians at the point of care in real time on their mobile device to obtain feedback and patient data during a consult. For instance, a hospitalist may directly message a primary care physician to ask about a patient’s most recent health challenges.

JD: How will Nuance technology change your solution? What does the power of cloud-based speech recognition bring to the technology?

IK: For our developers, the Nuance Dragon Medical solution extends the capabilities of TigerConnect with a world-class speech application. Just as TigerConnect has developed the industry-leading messaging solution, our partners at Nuance offer the best speech recognition APIs available in healthcare. This integrated solution helps developers advance care delivery in new and different ways, such as building solutions for messaging patients about schedules or recording voice notes during sessions to embed into EHRs following online visits.

JD: What do you think the future of mobile health will look like?

IK: At TigerText envision a future where embedded mobile devices – from phones to wearables – actively and passively enable communication in real time, everywhere.

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For HIMSS 2016 attendees, TigerConnect is hosting a developer-focused session with Lee Crawford, SVP of Engineering, on Tuesday, March 1st from 12:15 to 12:45. The session will be held in the Connected Health Theater, near booth #15109.

To learn more about TigerConnect, please visit www.tigertext.com/tigerconnect/.

To learn more about the Nuance Healthcare Development Platform and adding speech recognition to your own app, please visit www.nuancehealthcaredeveloper.com.

To learn more about Nuance Dragon Medical One, please visit www.nuance.com/dragonmedicalone.

Bring secure messaging to life with voice

Integrated speech recognition and secure clinical messaging helps developers create powerful communication solutions for physicians.

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