More than 200 healthcare providers gathered in Atlanta for Nuance’s 13th Annual Conversations user conference. Below are 10 quotes from attendees as they discussed trends, challenges and shared insights:

  1. Patient perception is not the same as satisfaction. A satisfied person cannot tell you how to improve. Measure to improve, not to impress.” – Fred Lee, keynote speaker, author of If Disney Ran Your Hospital.
  2. “PowerScribe 360 is outstanding- It gives us a lot of latitude, is easy to use, has a smooth GUI and provides features the doctors love. It has met and exceeded our expectations.”- Matt Kauffman, PACS admin/imaging coordinator, Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines.
  3. “One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers today is Meaningful Use. An unintended consequence is structured fields don’t paint a complete picture of the patient. Voice recognition and Clinical Language Understanding (CLU)bring the patient’s story back into the EHR by letting them dictate narrative real time, while extracting structured data that will help with the bottom line.”- Brian Yeaman, CMIO, Norman Regional Health System.
  4. “What we can do today on mobile apps is too fragmented today to make them successful. We need to do an order or communicate. We need to get rid of the pager because when people page, I am asked for a response with a patient, but I do not know the situation, I need the information in my EHR otherwise it’s a high-risk situation. Anything I say is not captured in a patient record.” -CMIO in the Executive Roundtable.
  5. “When you engage physicians in real time clinical documentation improvement (CDI), you capture key clinical components that drive reporting. A CDI program can impact 4-8% of your case-mix index and drive quality by making sure documents reflect the severity of patients seen.”- Mel Tully, Vice President, Clinical Services & Education, Nuance.
  6. “Merging of providers and practices is a big deal. Providing physicians with technology to help them understand the importance of clinical documentation will help prepare for ACOs. Nuance is helping with voice recognition.”- Juana Colon, corporate director of HIM, Orlando Health.
  7. “One of my radiologists said that it’s like going from a Volkswagen Beetle to a Ferrari.” – presenter on day 2 discussing upgrade to PowerScribe 360 | Reporting.
  8. “The value of documenting/dictating in front of a patient is you draw the patient into their own management. It validates the patient record, includes the patient in the care team and avoids frustrations when patients feel like outsiders in their own care.” – Dr Paul Weygandt, vice president of physician services, J.A Thomas, part of Nuance Healthcare.
  9. “Enabling doctors with a real time feedback loop for communicating what is missing for specificity of ICD-10 compliance can be done with a few simple queries while they are in the moment, treating the patient. This changes their behavior and creates accuracy up front vs coders trying to chase doctors down later  to answer questions and try to fix records to improve compliance.” – Dr Reid Conant, Tri-City Medical Group
  10. [Referring to virtual assistants in healthcare:] “This is a really exciting capability. I started watching Star Trek in the 60’s and we have technology that is better than that. If this can tell us what we need in real time environment and do it in a pleasant way, it can improve our communication with other clinicians, with patients. There are so many opportunities there.” Dr. Lincoln Berland, vice chair of quality improvement and patient safety, University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital.

Stay tuned for more Conversations.

Dr. Nick van Terheyden

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