National Health Information Technology Week (#NHITweek) is just around the corner.   In honor of this celebration, taking place from September 16 to 20, we’ve been thinking a great deal about the value health IT brings to clinicians who are focused on providing high-quality patient care, as well as identifying ways technology can help them provide this care more efficiently.  We’ve also been mulling over the value health IT brings to patients who are increasingly becoming more aware and involved in their own care.

Just this week, HIMSS put out their three asks for National Health IT Week.  Those asks, which are critical in driving toward value-based care, include:

  1. Consistent nationwide patient data,
  2. The alignment of healthcare quality,
  3. Consistent adoption of health IT.

With these factors in mind, we’ve put together a list of five key #healthIT thought leaders flying under the radar that you can’t afford to miss following on Twitter:


Navigating the constantly changing landscape of healthcare isn’t easy, but technological advances are helping to streamline workflows, driving efficiencies and improving patient care – for clinicians and patients alike.  How has technology positively impacted your provider organization and/or your own health and well-being?


Dr. Nick van Terheyden

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