Trust is more than a 5-letter word

Since The Trusted Advisor was first published some 17 years ago, many organizations have worked hard to cultivate trust-based organizations. The authors remind us that trust is a two-way street: one entity must be trusted, and one entity must do the trusting. Unfortunately, in more recent years, cyberattacks have become a proverbial roadblock on that two-way street. For example, hackers have found healthcare organizations to be a “lucrative target,” affecting millions of patients in 2017 alone, and experts expect healthcare data breaches to continue to increase throughout 2018. In fact, in an Accenture-AMA survey of 1,300 physicians, 83% reported that their practices have experienced some type of cyberattack. The attacks led to system downtime; increased operational expenses; and, perhaps most alarmingly, patient safety risks. Looking ahead, across all sectors, cybersecurity remains a top priority for many organizations, and spending in this category is expected to reach $96 billion in 2018.

The AMA-Accenture survey also revealed that physicians trust their third-party providers to provide the HIPAA and security training they need to protect their practices — perhaps due to the facts — cybersecurity threats constantly are changing; hackers are getting smarter; and devices can easily be lost or stolen. As cybercrimes become more prevalent and organizations strive to earn—and keep—their customers’ trust, we must find new ways to confront and mitigate against these risks.

At Nuance, we strive to employ the most effective policies, procedures, tools, techniques, and experts to help us on our journey. For example, this week, Dragon Medical One achieved HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF®) Certified status from the HITRUST Alliance. This achievement places Nuance in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned this certification.

We also firmly believe that knowledge is power, and we continue to put our knowledge into action with and for our customers. Later this month, our Provider Solutions General Manager, Michael Clark, will share a presentation entitled Cyber Protection Planning for Healthcare Systems at the California Health Information Association EHR Governance Symposium. During this session, Michael will discuss the increasing severity of incidents and the evolving skillset to defend health systems in the new cyber reality.

The lessons we, at Nuance, have learned from living through a difficult experience remain with us. They’ve made us stronger and better prepared when new challenges arise. These new challenges may not be easier, but with our hardwired resilience we can and will approach them with greater wisdom and perspective

Our customers have faithfully placed their trust in us, and we endeavor to maintain that confidence every day.

To us, trust is more than a five-letter word; it is the heart of our business.