A turning point in healthcare

I had the privilege of participating in the POLITICO Health Live panel discussion titled “Health Care Innovators: A Turning Point in Health IT?” It was a lively discussion and excellent opportunity to engage with policy and technology experts as we examined how health IT tools are delivering on their promise to improve how providers communicate with each other, treat patients and shape the health of patients outside the exam room.

Additionally, we explored a tremendous burden today’s providers face: they’re spending 45% of their time on documentation. Requirements for documentation mean that, too often, they’re turning their backs on patients to enter data into the EHR. This administrative burden is contributing to the physician burnout crisis in the American healthcare system.

And that’s where Nuance comes in. The technology to alleviate this burden is available today. Nuance’s AI-powered healthcare Virtual Assistant is one example of how the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, faster even than just five years ago. The assistant is designed to do far more than simply capture what is said in the exam room; it harnesses the power of natural language processing and augments physician intelligence with advice, feedback and support. In the end, it’s building documentation within the context of the patient-physician conversation, entirely eliminating the keyboard from the exam room.

Because that’s really the ultimate goal—a world where technology enhances the ability for clinicians to take care of their patients and doesn’t get in the way. That’s the tipping point we’ve been waiting for…and we’re there now. Of course, there was far more to this lively panel discussion than I can share here, but I encourage you to listen in to the conversation as a whole, and follow the hashtag #POLITICOHealth on Twitter for further insights.