Use your voice to solve problems worth solving

Harvard Business Review wrote recently that, despite companies’ investments of time, money, and effort, organic growth “remains elusive,” which is especially troublesome in a global market that’s more dynamic and unpredictable than ever. One solution, they write, is to find a problem worth solving.

We’re inspired by the power of voice to multiply the impact of everything we do. We’re helping providers use their voices to do their jobs better, improve reimbursements, capture better patient stories, and advance compliance efforts. Today’s innovative solutions mean we can have a positive impact on patient care as well as imagine the next generation of problem-solving solutions.

We do this by harnessing the precision of machine learning and conversational artificial intelligence—both of which are driven, in large part, by a convergence of big data, computing power, and cloud resources. That is, these factors combine in a way to create highly intelligent systems that allow us to expose new approaches to solving problems in healthcare (e.g., physician burnout).

This commitment to solving these problems is not only what’s best for our customers and their patients, it’s driving our own growth and having a substantial impact on the healthcare market as a whole. In fact, this week, Nuance Healthcare was placed in a top spot on the Healthcare Informatics 100 list. Published for two decades, the Healthcare Informatics 100 list is a compilation of those “who are propelling to the top of the market.”

As we look toward the future and see the continuously changing healthcare landscape, we will continue to solve the problems in healthcare that are worth solving, and for the opportunities to bring new solutions to light.

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Satish Maripuri

About Satish Maripuri

Satish Maripuri is the executive vice president and general manager of Nuance Healthcare where he oversees the growth and success of the Healthcare division using his passion and strong leadership to drive impactful go-to-market strategies, global channels and operational performance that support client success. Satish joined the company in 2012 as the senior vice president and chief operating officer where he led all aspects of client delivery and operations and grew the division to nearly $1B over four years. Satish has had a distinguished career spanning 30 years at global organizations, including Solera Holdings, Lionbridge, Imprivata, Computervision and Schlumberger Technologies. Satish earned an M.S. in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University.