Nuance senior research scientist David Martin receives AAAI Senior Member status

Nuance’s David Martin was presented with AAAI Senior Member status at the 28th annual AAAI conference – his latest accomplishment in a near 30-year career dedicated to advancing Artificial Intelligence and furthering the quality of interactions between man and machine.

Each year, distinguished professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) gather for one of the industry’s most highly-regarded events: The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) conference.

The annual AAAI conference brings together researchers, scientists, scholars and many others dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, for a series of presentations from industry leaders, tutorials, and workshops. The internationally-renowned event also bestows one of the industry’s premiere recognitions on a specially-chosen group of recipients: AAAI Senior Member status.

AAAI Senior Member status is awarded to those who have achieved significant accomplishments within the field of AI. Recipients are chosen by an evaluation committee, based on written summaries of career achievements and contributions to the field, and recommendations from peers.

At the opening ceremony of the 28th AAAI conference in Quebec City on Tuesday, a new wave of researchers was granted Senior Member status, including Nuance’s David Martin, senior research scientist and a member of Nuance’s advanced research team.

With over 28 years of professional experience, David has contributed to some of the most well-known and impactful developments in the field of AI. David’s work has primarily focused on Semantic Web services, knowledge representation and reasoning and the development of intelligent virtual assistants.

David played a major role in the initial creation of the Siri virtual assistant, significantly contributing to its foundational technology. David has co-invented five patents, four of which became intellectual property for Siri. He then went on to support the implementation and evolution of Siri at Apple.

David was also the co-developer of the Open Agent Architecture, a pioneering software agent framework released as open source and used in many research and prototyping efforts. In addition to the patents that he co-invented, David has co-edited two books, authored over 60 research publications with over 7100 citations, and has been a contributing participant and organizer at many conferences and workshops.

Following a 16-year stint in the AI center at SRI International, and other tenures at leading technology companies, David brings his considerable experience to Nuance’s advanced research team. Under the leadership of Ronald Kaplan, the team is working to expand the frontiers of AI technologies such as commonsense reasoning, conversational dialog with software agents, user intent recognition, and general-content knowledge bases. These capabilities will support coming generations of Nuance products, providing leading-edge competencies for systems delivering proactive personalized assistance.

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