Video: Innovating a relationship between people and technology

Nuance understands the importance technology plays in our day-to-day lives, which is why it maintains the ongoing mission of improving the relationship between people and technology through innovative voice and gesture solutions. Through Nuance, technology becomes more humanized, as devices for consumers, professionals and businesses alike become more adept at interpreting, understanding and predicting a user’s needs. The following video showcases the innovative ideal Nuance has embraced as it further evolves the relationship between people and technology.

Modern technology has carved out an expansive and unique place in our lives, with various devices and solutions creating a cornerstone for our day-to-day interactions with people and information, while also driving grander visions for future innovations. But as technology continues to become more sophisticated and refined, and expands its presence around us, with it evolve our expectations and the way we believe technology should work – for us – as consumers, professionals, doctors, patients, and more.

Nuance has long been driven by the need to reinvent the relationship between people and technology, and is at the forefront of the effort of developing humanlike interactions with the devices and systems that are at our fingertips. By researching, developing and crafting innovative voice recognition and gesture technologies, natural language understanding and artificial intelligence, Nuance is taking the most effective and meaningful form of human communication – a conversation – and delivering it to the evolving relationship between people and the technology they use most often.

Our innovation teams are hard at work, fulfilling a passion to solve for the challenges of both today and tomorrow through voice, touch and gesture – the most innate ways in which we as humans communicate with each other. Our experiences with technology should be no different.

Watch our latest video highlighting our world-leading Innovation teams, showcasing why Nuance is at the epicenter of an evolution where voice and gesture are the basis of human to machine communication. We enable the world’s leading manufacturers in mobile, enterprise, healthcare and beyond with the technology needed to elevate the interactions between people and devices to a truly seamless and humanlike level.

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Vlad Sejnoha

About Vlad Sejnoha

As Nuance's Chief Technology Officer, Vlad Sejnoha oversees Nuance's research and focuses on core technology and product strategy, with an emphasis on emerging areas including natural language processing and mobile applications. Prior to joining Nuance, Vlad was Chief Scientist at L&H, and earlier at Kurzweil AI, where he was responsible for creating technology for a number of commercially successful speech recognition products, including large vocabulary continuous speech dictation systems. Vlad has over 20 years of experience in the field of speech recognition and holds thirteen US patents. Vlad is originally from the Czech Republic and later moved to Montreal and Mexico City for several years. He has since put down roots in the Boston-area where he currently lives with his wife and son. In his spare time, Vlad is an avid cyclist and diver, often traveling to various exotic locations such as French Polynesia.