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From Intern to Full Time: Four Unique Stories at Nuance

Say goodbye to internships solely being resume-builders. Nuance’s internships give students a chance to put their skills to work in a real-world environment by providing them with meaningful projects, relevant experience, and networking opportunities. Hear from some of the interns who decided one term here just wasn’t enough.

Nuance’s Global Campus Program is more than just an internship. The time interns spend at Nuance is filled with the best and brightest minds in the Conversational AI industry. Whether they’re developing new solutions with other engineers or strategizing Nuance’s next steps in the tech space, they’re working alongside a team that is fiercely dedicated to their personal and professional development. They gain relevant skills in their field of interest through immersive projects and development workshops, as well as the opportunity to network and possibly continue their career here at Nuance. We’ve been lucky to see many of our interns convert to full-time employees. While they all followed similar paths to transition to full-time employees, their experiences and journeys at Nuance are unique – so get to know a few of them!

David, Associate Software Engineer

“I worked with Nuance as an intern during the summer of 2019, which was the summer before my senior year of college. In many ways, I learned more during that summer than I did in any college class I ever took. Being exposed to the cutting-edge technology at Nuance and working with the brilliant minds behind it was a priceless experience for me. I loved the fact that Nuance and the people I worked with focused on my technical and professional development, allowing me to grow and mature during my time at Nuance as well as contribute to Nuance technologies. The focus that Nuance has on investing into its employees and their development has long term benefits for both the company as well as for the individual employee, and I think that’s a very positive environment to be a part of. This is a large part of what made me want to return to Nuance full time after my graduation in May 2020. I have now been working full time for Nuance for more than 7 months and couldn’t be happier. “

Dima, Senior Principal Customer Success Manager

“Back when I was studying for my Engineering degree, I was a part of a very intensive COOP program. This was a program that combined both studying for an Engineering degree as well as working 3-4 internships within the same timeline. It was a very intensive four years with no summers off. I was either studying or doing an internship – sometimes I did both to help lighten my workload. We were required to maintain a certain GPA to remain in the program, so I was very proud to be the last and only female standing to graduate with an Electrical Engineering Telecom COOP degree the year I graduated.

My last internship was an 8-month internship with Nuance (previously Speechworks) – and as soon as I graduated, I was employed by Nuance without even getting a chance to reward myself with a “Eurotrip“ I was so passionate about the technology I did not want to miss the opportunity to continue working with it.

I have been in many different roles, including: Project Manager, Account Manager, Product Manager, interim solutions marketing, and recently I moved into a role as a Customer Success Manager. I am still learning something new every day. Our technology is becoming more and more innovative while market trends are changing. In a way, Nuance has been my Master’s degree and even a PHD. Some people here call me a “lifer” since I have been working at Nuance for over 15 years now – yet I still feel I need to work hard to keep up with the technology that keeps evolving!  I am so curious to see where I will be in 5-10 years.

I am happy to say that I finally did get my Eurotrip in and it was more lavish than the original one I had planned because I had an actual salary and was not counting on my recent-graduate savings. “

Rohan, Associate Software Engineer

“I started my journey as a Software Engineer with Nuance by being a part of their intensive and one-of-a-kind internship program. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet other talented fellow interns and work with brilliant and motivated teammates, but the company also made the experience so versatile by conducting seminars and organizing volunteering activities and outdoor excursions, among other things. I already felt like a full-time employee while I was there, and it felt so motivating that my work was going into creating products that benefit the healthcare industry as a whole. I decided to continue my journey with Nuance after completing my Master’s, and I am glad it worked out so well.”

Mihir, Associate Software Engineer

“Coming from a family filled with doctors and pursuing my master’s program at NEU, applying to become an intern at Nuance made a lot of sense. Avoiding physician burnout is something I am personally vested in. I was fortunate to be assigned to the DAX (then ACI) Device team, working on the first release of a new product rather than the more typical bug fix/feature addition development roles. I loved that I had colleagues with whom I shared common hobbies as well as a manager who was extremely supportive of my desire to upskill and willing to give me more and more responsibility. Working with Epic Healthcare for a demo seen by thousands was one of the highlights of my time here. Coming back to DAX as a full-time employee was a no-brainer, given my interest in healthcare and my overwhelmingly positive experience as an intern.”

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