3 use cases that demonstrate the value of mobile data capture

For businesses that rely on a mobile workforce, business processes must function outside the walls of the organization to ensure business continuity is maintained. Learn why with these three use cases demonstrating the benefits of mobile data capture for businesses on the move.

Businesses with large numbers of employees in the field and on the go sometimes find it difficult to streamline operations. Submitting paper forms isn’t always timely or efficient, and can lead to dissatisfied customers and loss of revenue. But if companies can figure out a way to complete documentation and submit it from the field and submit it through mobile data capture, they stand to improve critical processes, enjoy higher quality data and save valuable time.

And what about your mobile salesforce? Do they have the ability to submit critical paperwork and access your purchasing system from the road through mobile capture solutions? If the answer is no, you may be putting productivity and client satisfaction at risk, not to mention sales quotas that rely on quick action.

Here are three use cases you can use to help you see the advantages of mobile data capture. Beyond the benefits spelled out in each example, they all have another in common: helping your business remain competitive as your business and the mobile workforce expands. (Note: Each one of these use cases links to a full video, so be sure to watch them for more information.


Quality of field-collected data

Imagine you are an insurance field operations manager responsible for a team of adjusters who survey the county for damage following storms. Your office receives several reports of damage throughout the county following a bad storm, but the details are vague and unverified. Your field team needs to hit the road and survey the damages.

Before mobile data capture, you would have to wait for each member of the team to complete the survey reports and submit them to the office for review, requiring further data entry. But with a mobile data capture solution in place, your team can submit electronic reports directly from the field, with geolocation data ensuring accurate reporting from damaged areas. Mobile reporting also saves precious time, enabling you to develop a plan to effect repairs quickly and efficiently. Watch the full video here.


More effective sales from the road

Salespeople are all too familiar with the pressure to close a big sale before the end of the quarter. But sometimes that pressure affects the client as well. Imagine you are a sales executive heading home from a recent string of sales meetings in another city. As you board your flight, you receive an urgent order from one of your top clients. The catch — the order must be processed today before your client loses the funding necessary for the deal.

Because you have mobile document access to your company’s sales processing system, you are able to meet the client’s need and close a critical sale by the the customer’s deadline and meet your end of quarter quota. All of the necessary documents are completed from your smartphone, signed electronically, and sent via email to the appropriate administrator. The deal is closed before the cabin doors on your plane are secured. Without mobile document access, none of this would have been possible, and there is a strong possibility the sale would have been lost. Watch the full video here.


Improved and efficient patient care

You are the manager at a small orthopedics office that just invested in a new electronics system that includes mobile data capture through the use of tablets for staff to enter patient notes. As the person responsible for the office’s “go green” initiative, you see an opportunity to improve efficiency, patient experience, information security and cost savings even before the patient sees his or her doctor.

Tablets are earmarked for the waiting room, allowing patients to enter their information for records and billing electronically while they wait. This speeds the patient check-in process and makes patients feel more in control of their personal information. Mobile data capture also improves the accuracy of information since it eliminates the errors that can take place between paper forms and office data entry. Watch the full video here.


A closer look at mobile capture



These and other use cases for Nuance Business Connect mobile capture can be found on our website, including ways mobile capture can be used with bar code scanning, eSignatures and geotagging. Perhaps they can inspire you to think about ways mobile business processes can streamline your operations and make you more competitive.

Any business process, anywhere your workforce goes

Learn more about mobile capture and workflow solutions with this new video.


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