4 ways two businesses improved productivity and workflows with PDF

From streamlining paper processes to eliminating waste in document management, Nuance Power PDF helps businesses increase productivity, not expenses. Find out how two organizations streamlined operations while achieving significant cost savings.

Today, most organizations are looking for new ways to improve existing processes and workflows, increase productivity and enhance security and compliance efforts. As they do, many of them turn to PDF solutions to effectively manage their most important documents.

Take for example Baker & Associates, a firm representing 20 or more wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers in the United States. In the words of Doug Borosky, the company’s sales engineer, “My business relies on quickly and effectively getting information in and out of my care and custody.” In this case, Baker & Associates was looking for a better way to combine, edit and secure critical customer-facing documents.

Another organization, LeWalt Consulting Groupe faced similar challenges and used Nuance’s PDF technology to help them consolidate tools into one program and streamline paper processes more effectively. For LeWalt, other PDF tools they evaluated were more expensive and didn’t offer the same intuitive interface and overall usability. Nuance® Power PDF proved it could perform all the same functions as competing solutions, and at the same time empower users to do everything with PDFs that they were able to do with Word documents.

Both organizations found that this PDF technology was able to help them gain a number of significant benefits:

  • Improved productivity: Baker & Associates significantly benefited from improved document assembly and other features within its PDF solution. Now, when Borosky prepares a technical document for submittal, he is able to assemble 30 documents into one PDF. The document assembly function gives him the ability to enter and replace pages with relative ease. Power PDF’s bookmarking function is also extremely valuable, along with redlining and comment tools, making it faster to edit and approve technical documents with fewer errors thanks to a streamlined process. All of this significantly improved overall productivity at Baker & Associates.

Additionally, because Power PDF was developed to be as intuitive as any Microsoft Office application, it streamlines user adoption, ensuring associates quickly utilize the tool thereby driving productivity, efficiency, and … collaboration.

  • Enhanced collaboration: Built to be compatible with Windows 10 and virtually any touch screen device, Power PDF is easy to use for every member of the team. This PDF tool also helps ensure connectivity to popular cloud services, providing better access to important documents and improving team collaboration.
  • Enhanced security: Document security is of utmost importance to LeWalt Consulting Groupe, and Power PDF’s secure signature feature was a key consideration in their choice. Before implementing the PDF solution, it was difficult for the firm to get documents back after signing, but Power PDF allows clients to electronically sign their returns and send them back to LeWalt Consulting Groupe for filing in a secure, password-protected workflow that protects client information. As a result, LeWalt is able to provide better customer service to clients while improving their own internal efficiency.
  • Cost savings: Many organizations that survey the market are surprised to find Nuance’s PDF solution is not only affordable, but also the most robust in its feature set. This means it often delivers the most cost savings for the least investment for companies both large and small.

For example, Baker & Associates believes that if they had chosen another PDF solution, it would have cost them four times as much over the course of their software license. For a firm their size, saving 4X represents a significant cost savings, even before factoring in the money they have saved thanks to the capabilities Power PDF gives them.

Maybe the best testimonial is the overall customer experience in choosing a PDF solution to improve collaboration and document workflow. As John Walters, Managing Member at LeWalt Consulting Groupe states simply, “Power PDF is a great tool for working with PDF forms, and there is a lot of functionality in the program. I haven’t found anything I don’t like about Power PDF.”

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