A better user experience leads to better business results

New hardware tools are now available to significantly improve the user experience related to printers, scanners and multifunction printers (MFPs) as well as related software and workflow solutions. It’s a significant advantage: these new tools can translate into improved productivity, efficiency and security.

Today, many (if not most) companies face many different challenges in managing IT infrastructure, including systems, applications and hardware. This is especially true when it comes to their fleets of printers, scanners, and multifunction printers (MFPs) as well as any related software or workflow solutions.

To be more specific, these challenges can include:

  • Inconsistent user interfaces: We have all probably experienced this firsthand – the case where we are forced to adapt to a poorly designed, inconsistent or non-intuitive user interface (UI). It can be a significant issue: Bad UI experiences can lead to low adoption rates, more reliance on training services, decreased productivity and even a disengaged workforce.


  • Different technologies, inefficient workflows: Large companies today tend to have many different brands of printers and MFPs, each with their own operations, interfaces and ways to use them. This alone can make it difficult for users to perform important tasks, such as document capture and workflow, where an employee might copy an important document and automatically send it to a central repository. As a result, the entire organization misses a significant opportunity to increase productivity, efficiency and users’ morale.


  • Security and compliance risks: Printers actually pose a significant security risk, and now, companies of all sizes are under new pressures to comply with stringent data privacy regulations, such as GDPR. At best, it’s a difficult, time-consuming process. At worst, security breaches can lead to fines, lawsuits and long-term damages to the company’s reputation.


Or if companies are still relying on outdated technology – especially older printers and MFPs – they may have a much hard time managing and securing their entire IT environment. As a result, they may be subjecting themselves to even more security risks and potential compliance issues.


A whole new (user) experience

The good news is that there are extremely effective ways to overcome all of these challenges, and in doing so, provide better user experiences, workflows, and security.

For example, external terminals, such as the new Nuance® Edge™ for Copitrak terminal, already provide a much better UI and enhance the speed, functionality and quality of related processes, such as scanning.

It’s an important advantage, especially when you consider terminals like this unify the overall experience, which could be different – and confusing – from device to device. For example, according to recent research from Salesforce.com, 83 percent of users report that “a seamless experience across all devices” is extremely important to them.

By giving employees a unified – and much better – UI, external terminals no longer “force” users to adapt to the different screens and steps they’re sure to find in a mixed-MFP environment. This alone helps employees work much faster, smarter and more effectively.

Better, more intuitive UI can also help employees with critical work task such as scanning. For example, today’s external terminals can provide powerful tools to fine-tune resolution, DPI, contrast, brightness, auto-color correction and more. These features and functionality help minimize time lost in steps like post image processing, saving time and freeing employees to become much more productive.

And when it comes to security, external terminals such as the Nuance Edge come installed with the latest Windows 10 operating system and other security tools. This helps any organization administer the latest network security polices to improve overall security and compliance efforts.

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