Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions with PDF best practices

So many of us claim that we don’t have the time to learn new applications or features when they would actually help save time and increase productivity. In this blog, we offer a number of resources to help anyone learn the most effective PDF tips, tricks and best practices.

It’s that time of year again. So many of us make New Year’s Resolutions or set other work-related goals to become more productive, save time and accomplish much more in the year to come.

Yet more often than not, we may try these goals for a couple of days, weeks or even months, but then resort back to old ways of thinking or acting. While there could be many different reasons for this, research shows that “time management” is usually one of the top causes. To be more specific, we tend to rationalize that we don’t have enough time to learn the new skills to required to adhere to the goal.

It’s ironic, especially considering that investing just a little bit of time on the front end could help save significant time and effort in the long run. But it’s still a real mindset in employees and knowledge workers who tend to resist adopting new tools and technologies in the workplace – even though they are sure to help them save time, increase productivity, improve collaboration or gain other new benefits.

Software (such as PDF) is a perfect example. For example, we recently discussed how less than one-third of enterprise software features are commonly used and only seven percent are always used, 13 percent often used and 16 percent used occasionally. To look at it another way, this means there are still a lot of features we could all be using to work smarter, faster and more effectively.


The right resource to stay on track in 2018

If you’re interested in learning more – and doing more – with your PDF software in 2018, we have the perfect resource for you. We wrapped up 2017 with a PDF webinar called “Ask the PDF Experts: 2017’s Top Ten Year in Review.” (You can still access this as a webinar replay here, or you can visit our on-demand webinar page, “Power PDF Tips, Tricks and Best Practices” for all of our PDF webinars.)

This Q&A style webinar covered the most common questions and topics that our team of PDF experts responded to in 2017. This included a focus on so many of those “new” features that can help you do more, including converting PDFs, easier ways to create and merge PDF documents, using redaction and more.

This webinar also covers other topics such as PDF/A settings and compliance checker, perpetual licensing vs. subscription models and how Nuance Power PDF™ delivers several powerful advantages over competitors’ PDF tools.

When it comes to your New Year’s Resolution this year, learn the many ways that PDF can help you work more efficiently, productively and effectively.

Answers to the Top 10 (and more) most common PDF questions

It's not too late! You can still watch this valuable webinar on-demand and get all the PDF information you need for a more productive 2018.

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