How improving printing can help you achieve your most important business goals

Improving print processes can help you reduce costs, gain new efficiencies, increase security, reduce waste and more. See how one leading organization achieved all of this and more – just by focusing on their printing.

Just about every organization today faces the need to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and boost employee productivity, all without “taking anything away,” or sacrificing essential services.

Yet how to achieve this goal usually raises more questions than answers. Specifically, where should companies start? What part of the business should they focus on? Where are the biggest opportunities for cost savings and ROI? Is it possible to realize additional benefits – such as improved security – from a single solution?

One extremely effective way to achieve all these benefits and more is to focus on improving printing processes with a comprehensive print management solution. This blog article will take a closer look at how print management works and shows how one organization was able to gain many significant benefits using a print management solution.


Why focus on printing?

Why should companies turn their attention to printing? Keep in mind that print costs come from more than just ink and paper. For example, total print costs include electricity, toner and ink, print waste, maintenance and more – and chances are they add up to more than you may think.

Improving print processes and streamlining overall printing can help reduce total costs. For example, research shows that most companies can achieve a 40% savings on their print budget by taking better control of their print operations and reducing total waste.

Take the case of Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, a UK-based provider of mental health, learning disability and social care services. This organization once relied on expensive standalone desktop printers and recently migrated to a fleet of multifunction printers (MFPs) to reduce costs. The organization took the added step of deploying a Nuance print server solution to gain better control of printing as well as gain ancillary benefits, such as improved security and mobile print capabilities for an increasingly mobile workforce.

In this example, Lincolnshire Partnership was able to significantly cut print costs, even more than the organization first expected. The company initially projected total print savings of over $560,000 within three years and now reports that they are on track to exceed this target in year two.

Additionally, this print solution provided valuable functionality to help Lincolnshire Partnership improve security and protect sensitive patient information. By requiring employees to authenticate themselves at the printer, the organization removed the danger of confidential documents being left in a printer tray for anyone to pick up. The solution even provide mobile print capabilities to enable users to print from anywhere they prefer and pick up their print job at any printer – a significant edge in boosting productivity.


Transform printing into a competitive advantage

If you’re looking for a single way to reduce costs, streamline processes and improve productivity, take a look at your printing. Effective print management solutions help you achieve all of these goals while reducing the burden on IT, improving security and making printing much more efficient – and effective.

Download the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust success story

Interested in learning more about Lincolnshire Partnership Trust, and how this organization used a print management solution to successfully reduce costs, eliminate print waste and improve print security? Download the full success story now.


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