Why Rights Management Security (RMS) is crucial for secure document delivery

Businesses face many challenges today when it comes to dealing with their documents and content infrastructure. We live and work in a world where information flows freely both inside and outside the network firewall. Success in today’s office environment revolves around the ability to manage, control, and protect the information that is most critical to your organization.

The flexibility and immediacy of digital content makes it simple for knowledge workers to capture and distribute information. Today, knowledge workers regularly send business documents by email to recipients outside of their organization, often with little thought as to what happens to that document once they hit the send button. In a routine transaction, a single email and its attachments could travel through several different servers before it reaches the final destination. Worse yet, there are typically multiple opportunities for others to view the contents of that email and the attachments along the way.


A closer look at RMS

Unsecure delivery of electronic documents represents one of the most challenging and overlooked security risks for organizations today. What are you doing to ensure the safe delivery of documents sent by email? How can you safeguard your most sensitive corporate information from unwanted disclosure—not just protecting documents while in transit over the Internet but also after they have been delivered?

The answer to these questions lies in a content strategy built on PDF security and rights management. When it comes to sharing and collaborating with digital content, PDF software plays a vital and important role. PDF is the open standard for electronic document exchange, and it is the most widely used file format when it comes to integration with existing document sharing and content management systems.


Traditional methods fall short

The network MFP is the most common starting point for converting paper-based documents into digital PDF files for electronic sharing. While most offices are equipped with one or more multi-function devices, they often lack the adequate tools to enable true productivity and secure document collaboration. An intelligent PDF conversion solution can provide important security measures, while helping businesses comply with various regulations and information governance policies.

Many PDF solutions offer document encryption, which is one of the most essential and recognizable ways for businesses to protect documents sent as email attachments. But it is important to understand that standard encryption methods are designed to restrict file access while the email is on the way to the recipient. In most cases, protection provided by encryption ends once the attached file has been opened. Given the uncontrolled nature of business information, security measures must be extended to ensure that access rights travel within the documents themselves.


RMS delivers security – and peace of mind

With Rights Management Security (RMS) technologies incorporated into a PDF solution, the document owner or corporate IT department can manage permissions to open, view, download, print, copy, paste, or forward content directly from within the document itself, even if it has been downloaded by a device not under the company’s control. Embedding these security controls within the document provides peace of mind for secure document delivery, while delivering a more seamless and effective user experience.

After all, in today’s office environment, it is no longer safe to assume that content will be used solely by the individual for whom it was intended.

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