The benefits of document capture software go way beyond capture

Document capture software can address costly challenges associated with document management and workflow, but what other challenges can it solve for businesses?

The business benefits of document capture software are well documented, if you’ll pardon the pun. For example, they are helpful when it comes to automating document workflows, streamlining manual processes and improving data accuracy. And in turn, these benefits help organizations reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity across the board.

Yet now you can do even more with powerful document capture and workflow solutions – even beyond just the normal benefits associated with the way they manage documents. This article takes a closer look at a few of these innovative approaches.

Securing patient information in healthcare

For healthcare organizations, complying with HIPAA regulations remains a top challenge, and is often the most critical focus of their operations, other than everyday patient care.

Now, many leading healthcare organizations are using document workflow solutions to improve the way they manage and protect patient healthcare information.

For example, these organizations receive incoming PHI information in admission and registration forms, patient and referral forms or internal document requests. They can use a document capture solution to scan these documents and automatically route them into their EHR. Not only is this step more secure, but it helps provide further security measures by encrypting the data, requiring user authentication and restricting the access and use of MFPs.

Consider that larger operational changes to ensure HIPAA compliance can be costly, especially as the regulations are constantly evolving. Document management is a cost-effective method of reducing the risk of HIPAA compliance breaches and truly securing PHI throughout the information lifecycle. (To learn more, watch our PHI video today.)

As result, document capture solutions can help deliver secure PHI wherever it’s needed in the healthcare organization – and peace of mind.

To see six additional ways document capture and workflow automation can transform patient care, streamline processes, and improve PHI security, download our new eBook, “The Future of Patient Care” today.


Financial services: Improve compliance – and competitiveness

The financial services industry is among the most highly regulated in the United States, with both Federal government and self-imposed institutional mandates put in place to protect the consumer’s best interests.

While document management solutions certainly help financial services companies by transforming and accelerating paper-based processes, the most critical advantage for many lies in the ability to encrypt data so that it is only visible to authorized users. Control is paramount when handling sensitive financial documents containing personally identifiable information (PII), and the right document management solutions can match the encryption demands set forth by Federal regulations.

Additionally, as lending practices change – requiring financial services organizations to become more competitive – document capture and workflow solutions can help automate vital processes in distributed offices and branches. This benefit translates into increased efficiency, and for some lenders, the ability to increase the number of loans they process by 50 percent or more.

To learn more, download our new financial services eBook, “The New World of Lending,” today.


Keep track of true costs in legal

Let’s face it: Most law firms and legal departments must manage a staggering amount of documents. Here, document capture and workflow solutions are a natural fit to automate these processes and streamline the efforts related to handling so much paper.

Yet keeping track of the true costs and making sure they’re billed back appropriately – and nothing is lost – can be a real challenge, too. Today, document capture and workflow solutions can keep track of client expenses and help law firms make sure they know what their true costs are – all for a stronger bottom line.

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Powerful solutions, surprising results

When thinking about document capture solutions, consider how these solutions could benefit your organization beyond the traditional document workflows. You might be surprised to find the biggest advantages are where you least expect to find them.

Reimagine document capture and document capture results

Learn more about many new benefits related to document capture and workflow software.

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