Knock out business risks associated with two-in-one devices

As two-in-one convertible devices become more popular, the potential for file format inconsistencies – and headaches – looms large. Yet the right PDF tools can provides businesses with a common file type that is device-friendly and helps to improve security, collaboration, and productivity.
As two-in-one laptop devices become more popular, knock out potential compatibility issues with a PDF converter

Until recently, two drawbacks prevented two-in-one convertible laptops from becoming the first choice device among business users: They lacked the portability and battery power of a tablet, and did not meet the performance of a traditional laptop. However, 2015 saw leaps in battery power and overall performance among two-in-one devices. With the arrival of Windows 10 and advances in touch-enabled laptop hardware design, many believe hybrids will finally fulfill their potential as a viable substitute for businesses currently using both tablets and laptops in the workforce.

According to Microsoft, 80% of customers are actively piloting Windows 10 – a clear indication that the touch-friendly interface (such as found on the Microsoft Surface) is set to explode in 2016 and into 2017. That also means that application integrators will be busy helping companies prepare applications that must be ready for Windows 10 and the inevitable proliferation of touch input.

Another interesting side effect of the increased number of two-in-one devices are the number of shared documents across device types and networks. For many IT departments this will mean security and file format headaches. Document workflow becomes a critical consideration as files are shared, edited, and shared again from smartphones to PCs, tablets to hybrids. Format and file type will also cause end user confusion based on the device of origin and applications being used to edit or produce the document. It’s the IT equivalent of the Wild West.


PDF to the rescue

One solution enterprise IT managers can consider is effective PDF solutions. The Microsoft Surface even comes with a great PDF drawing tool that allows you to capture your ideas with the stylus called Drawboard PDF. But it lacks the features and sophistication to merge these drawings with regular business PDF documents.

Good, commercially available PDF technology ensures that PDF documents can provide your business with a common editable file type that is hybrid device friendly and works with existing workflows with convenient file size and security parameters. In this case, PDF solutions make it extremely easy for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other business application files to be converted to PDF and converted back again as files are shared among end users across networks. Additionally, features like digital signatures really take advantage of the fluid writing ability of a touch-enabled Windows 10 device.

PDF tools also provide sophisticated encryption and permission controls to protect document viewing and editing, safeguarding your system and network regardless of where the document originates. The right PDF solutions actually inspect documents automatically and remove sensitive data for the utmost in safe and secure document sharing. Users are able to access and share documents securely, edit collaboratively, and convert files with ease all while taking advantage of Power PDF’s built-in tools that are made even better using a stylus pen on a touch screen.

If Microsoft is correct and 2016 really is the Year of the Hybrid, the right PDF tools represent a modest investment that can help you tame the device rodeo in preparation.

A better PDF experience starts now

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