Today the continued use of paper slows organizations down and frequently leads to “knowledge re-creation.” Not only does this waste time – as you are forced to re-create information from existing paper or search for misplaced documents – but it is also a drain on overall productivity and profitability.

Additionally, small businesses and individuals underutilize millions of scanning devices that could save valuable time and effort. Finally, PDF documents, the digital version of paper, is prolific and can be difficult to edit or repurpose.  The question remains: “How can you get the document into the format you want without having to do extensive re-typing or re-editing?”

The answer is OmniPage Ultimate. This innovative solution converts paper, PDF files and forms into documents you can automatically send to others, edit on your PC or archive in a document repository. Amazing accuracy, support for virtually any scanner, the best tools to customize your process, and automatic document routing make it the perfect choice to maximize productivity.

To get a closer look at OmniPage Ultimate and how it can help you transform your documents, please register for the Nuance webinar, “First Look at OmniPage Ultimate.” This exclusive webinar, now available as a replay, will show you how OmniPage Ultimate can help you:

  • Take advantage of superior accuracy to re-create documents quickly
  • Maintain formatting so converted documents look just like the original
  • Trust fast and easy on-demand conversion using OmniPage Launchpad
  • Convert and route documents through your network from MFPs, all-in-one devices, scanners, email, or shared folders with OmniPage DocuDirect

View the “First Look at OmniPage Ultimate” webinar today or visit our OmniPage Ultimate website to see why OmniPage Ultimate is the perfect choice to save valuable time, reduce costs, get the most out of all your scanning devices and increase productivity for everyone.

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Jeff Segarra

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Jeff Segarra is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for the Nuance Document Imaging Division. He is responsible for the global team that delivers industry product positioning, messaging and content to help our customers around the world identify how Nuance solutions can meet their needs. He enjoys speaking and writing about business process improvement, The Internet of Things, document security, document conversion technologies and personal productivity. He has an MBA from Iona College, Hagan School of Business and has been working with software technology for 20 years. Jeff is an original New Yorker and, therefore, a staunch Yankees fan – in the heart of Red Sox nation.