Don’t overlook this critical part of your IT security strategy

A new video will show you how the concept of combining print management and document capture can give you a complete security approach.

Call it yet another example of sad but true: The number of security breaches and attempted hacks continue to increase each year. These security attacks are not isolated to one vertical; they affect almost every industry including healthcare, finance, and retail. And when breaches do occur, they can be devastating in terms of penalties, fines and even a tarnished reputation for the organization. All of this means improving security must be a top priority.

This now includes a focus on print security. Securing the print environment is an important part of any company’s overall IT security program, yet most organizations simply don’t do enough to focus on this area. When you consider that 70% of companies today have experienced a data breach through their printing practices, it’s easy to tell how much still needs to be done. Printers and MFPs play a major role in an organization’s transfer of information. As such, print security should be considered vital to a comprehensive IT security strategy.


Print + capture = a complete security approach

Many companies today may be aware of the benefits of a print management solution as a first step to toward increasing print-related security. But what about the security of digital documents – those documents that have been scanned/captured and added to digital workflows?

A new video shows how the concept of combining print management and document capture solutions can help companies improve security for printed documents as well as those distributed in a digital form. Not only does this approach solidify security for all printing, but it supports the company’s larger IT security strategy.


For example, print and capture solutions can create workflows that enable users to send documents more securely as well as audit trails to report on where each document went. This gives users peace of mind that documents are secure in the entire print and workflow process – from start to finish. Plus, they can take advantage of automated workflows to eliminate the need to re-key data, which saves time and increases productivity.

You can also see how Somerset Partnership, a leading provider of community health, mental health and learning disability services, used a comprehensive print management and capture solution to ensure the secure delivery of paper, electronic documents and sensitive data into business applications. This helped the organization increase security while improving document capture and print processes at the same time.

In considering your security plan – or future equipment purchases such as printers, scanners or MFPs – don’t overlook printing. Combining print management and document capture solutions can give you the advantage you need to increase overall security and minimize the risk of security breaches.

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