I’m an assistant principal, writer and former English teacher (and I happen to be dyslexic)

I have never been able to type because I have severe dyslexia. It was when I was appointed to assistant principal that my husband, an attorney, insisted on purchasing me a copy of this software he called the “Dragon Speaking program.” I haven’t looked back since.
a teacher helps a student use dragon naturallyspeaking software

I’m an assistant principal at a middle school, a writer, and former English teacher. I have never been able to type because I have severe dyslexia. Simple emails, papers, lesson plans, teacher observations, newspaper articles, and stories I composed always took me much longer to type than actually create. It was a frustration that I felt I had to live with.

When I was appointed as the assistant principal, my husband, an attorney, insisted on purchasing the “Dragon Speaking program” for me. He had used it for years to dictate memos and prepare for trials. When I first got Dragon, I was a bit intimidated. I didn’t know how it would really work for my writing style. You see, I always write out in long hand all of my work before I would type it. However, adjusting to having this tool proved much easier than I thought. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking for everything. I also have presented the Dragon program to the entire administrative staff of our school system. In addition, I have suggested that parents purchased this program for students who are struggling in their classes.

Dragon has truly changed my life. I will always be dyslexic, but this tool has allowed me to be more efficient, productive, and happy.

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About Maryellen Grady

Maryellen Grady is Assistant Principal at the Hopkinton Middle School in Hopkinton, Massachusetts – the start of the infamous Boston Marathon. Maryellen uses Dragon every day to stay connected to staff, parents and colleagues. She is also a mother to three children, a grandmother to two (with one more on the way!), and a wife to her high school sweetheart of 35 years.