How every department benefits from document capture software

Document capture and workflow management solutions provide significant benefits for just about every department in a typical organization. And in turn, these help the overall organization gain a new competitive advantage. This article provides a closer look at specific challenges each department tends to face, and shows how document capture solutions overcome them.

Do you currently use a document capture solution? If not, you may be missing an opportunity to give each department in your organization a valuable tool to improve existing processes and become much more effective.

These individual improvements are good for the entire company, too. When you apply the thinking behind the “parts-of-a-larger-whole” metaphor, it’s easy to see that the entire organization can reap similar benefits. For example, with document capture and workflow solutions, companies of all sizes, and in all industries, enjoy faster, easier access to critical information; improve collaboration between employees, partners and vendors; and significantly increase productivity and efficiency.

At this point, you may be thinking, “All of this sounds great, but exactly how can my department achieve this potential?” To help, this article will take a closer look at document capture solutions and how they can provide compelling benefits for the most common departments in any organization.


Just what is a document capture solution?

As a quick overview, document capture and workflow management solutions automate and streamline processes related to capturing paper/electronic documents and other data and delivering them into existing business systems.

More specifically, these solutions enable users to capture data or a document from virtually any source (MFP, scanner, desktop, mobile device, email, and more), apply business rules to this content and deliver it to just about any destination (ECM, CRM, or ERP systems; cloud storage; network folders; or other common document repositories). See image below.


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By automating this process and making important information available wherever, whenever it’s needed – and to whomever needs it – companies can take advantage of easy-to-access information and gain a new competitive edge. This video shows the connection between document automation processes and gaining a sustainable competitive edge.


Document capture and workflow in my department

A closer look at specific document challenges in each industry – and how document capture solutions can overcome them – shows just how meaningful these improvements can be.


Accounting/finance: These departments face many unique challenges, especially as employees work to produce vital reports and meet stringent compliance requirements. Yet accounting and finance teams still rely on too many manual, paper-based systems (or Excel spreadsheets), which inevitably lead to wasted time, lost productivity and the potential for too many expensive delays. For example, in accounts payable, lost time can equate to late payment fees or the missed opportunity to realize early-payment discounts.

Document capture solutions provide a centralized repository for vital information with easy access to all employees. This helps accounting and finance employees save time, reduce errors and document vital information needed for compliance.


HR/payroll: The HR and payroll departments face many of the same challenges related to paper and compliance, but they must also make sure they’re protecting employees’ confidential information.

In this case, document capture solutions can provide a number of powerful security controls – such as device-based user authentication, encryption and user-based access controls – for complete control of important documents and the information they contain.


Sales and marketing: Sales and marketing teams are dependent on many types of documents: product brochures and sales sheets, RFP content, contracts and much more. Yet more often than not, they use a cobbled-together, patchwork approach to create, store and share these documents. As a result, they waste time trying to find the right materials, or accidentally send a wrong version to a key prospect. Never a good impression.

Document capture solutions help sales and marketing teams improve the way documents are stored and accessed. With workflow management to central repositories and business rules to replace older versions of documents or alert users to new materials, this technology streamlines the process and ensures teams have access to current versions of the materials they need. Additionally, with mobile solutions, employees can access sales and marketing documents wherever it is most effective – from the office, on the road or even on site with a new prospect.


Legal: Legal departments tend to face the same challenges as larger independent law firms. For example, they must deal with a staggering amount of paper documents without enough staff to manage it all. Many may also need better ways to track printing and scanning efforts for cost-recovery or even support legal processes such as eDiscovery.

Now document capture solutions help legal departments improve the way they manage documents and track printing and scanning for cost-recovery purposes. With the ability to scan directly into billing applications and other destinations – right from the MFP – employees don’t have to manually enter this information and can save time and increase productivity.

Nuance customer, Underwood Perkins, P.C., successfully implemented a document capture solution to improve staff efficiency and billing related to cost recovery. Learn more by downloading the complete success story now.


IT: IT departments and employees are usually over-worked and under-staffed. For example, in most cases, employees “share time” between various technologies and solutions. In other words, it’s rare that an IT employee would ever be solely dedicated to a single solution such as document capture.

This scenario shows why it’s important that these solutions deploy easily, work as designed and offer functionality that drives user adoption and minimizes IT involvement. The most effective solutions offer easy, one-click set-up for any print job or printer without the need to worry about print servers, compatible printer drivers and more. All of this reduces the burden on IT so they can focus on other high-value initiatives.


The document capture advantage

Let’s face it. Most departments are usually drowning in paper and struggle to find an effective way to store paper documents and retrieve important information. Worse, it is extremely expensive to print and store all of this paper, which has many organizations trying to reduce their reliance on paper and implement “green” initiatives.

As an added organizational benefit, document capture solutions help reduce paper consumption and its related costs. According to an IDC whitepaper, “The Business Value of ‘Green’ Document Management Solutions,” companies can achieve total costs savings of $21,555 per 100 users, which is related to improving worker productivity and reducing print costs. (You can download the full whitepaper here.)

Clearly, document capture solutions provide specific benefits for each department in the organization. To learn more about Nuance document capture solutions – and our commitment to helping each department operate as effectively as possible – please visit our document capture solutions page today.

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