For healthcare, a “paper-light” solution that’s not light on security

A comprehensive print management solution that allows an organization to better manage and monitor printing, as well as maintain secure printing, can help to save money and increase confidence in document security.

Healthcare organizations know that the necessary task of printing patient information puts them at risk of violating patient privacy regulations — as well as internal security protocols. One result of this concern is a big increase in the number of devices, as staff turn to standalone desk units to help protect patient privacy. But the rapidly expanding number of devices is costly to maintain and makes the task of ensuring secure printing even more complicated.

Unsecured and only lightly supervised printing can also lead to users printing information on one device but failing to pick up the documents and then printing them out on another device — perhaps one that’s more conveniently located. This costly process also risks leaving patient information exposed in paper trays, where any prying eyes can read confidential information.


Print management solutions hold the answer

A comprehensive print management solution that allows an organization to better manage and monitor printing, as well as maintain a secure print server, can help to save money and increase confidence in document security. With reporting capabilities, organizations can track who has printed documents and what they printed, further reinforcing accountability through print workflows.


Getting a handle on printing costs and security

That’s the approach JFK Health, the Edison, N.J.-based healthcare and hospital network, took to lower printing costs and eliminate the potential of staff members leaving confidential patient information unattended on printers.

JFK Health turned to Nuance for a solution that would allow it to secure print jobs and reduce costs. Already pleased with the performance of Nuance Dragon® Medical in its EMR system, the choice was a logical one. Three main solutions are being used: Nuance Equitrac, Nuance Output Manager and Nuance mobile printing with PrinterOn. The solutions provide a rules engine for managing and monitoring printing, as well as tools for increasing printing and document security. The combination has allowed JFK Health to achieve process improvement, cost containment and flexibility.

By replacing standalone desk units with communal MFPs, JFK Health was able to eliminate approximately 60 devices from the 500 the IT team used to support – a 10 percent reduction. Additional savings were achieved by identifying large print jobs that could be printed less expensively and more efficiently at the print shop.

Print rules let JFK Health control the usage of devices located in public areas by disabling them during specific hours and holding print jobs in queue until they could be safely printed and collected.

Overall, print volumes have gone down while document security has gone up. While JFK Health doesn’t envision ever going entirely digital, they are pleased with the new “paper-light” environment that Nuance has helped them achieve.

To learn more about JFK Health’s experience with Nuance solutions, please download the full success story now.

Download the JFK Health success story now.

See how JFK improved security and reduced costs with print management technology.


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