What if you were at your best?

Each day you wake up, ready to tackle your day. You likely have become accustomed to following a routine – a series of behaviors that have stuck with you over the years and have seemed to suffice up until this point. But, are those learned behaviors enough to take you to the next level of who you want to be? What would happen if you took the time to observe – and then optimize – those specific behaviors that increase the likelihood of you being your best? Part two of this productivity series shows you how to do just that.

The alarm rings; it’s time to start another day. Will it be a productive one? Will clients return the calls you make? Will you be able to provide the best service you can throughout the day? These are questions people have on their minds, whether they’re the CEO of a Fortune 100 company, an individual contributor within that organization, or a community member with a vision of how things could be better.

Each new morning we’re given the opportunity to engage in habits we’ve adopted over the years and used to get to where we are today. What are some of your habits? Are they going to be enough to take you to the next level of who you want to be?

Let me tell you a little story to illustrate what I mean. I recently spent six months coaching a client who had a very specific goal: she wanted to complete her most important projects by 11am every day. After spending more than 10 years building her business, she had found that what she worked on during that early part of the day always produced positive results; she noticed this trend in her performance and wanted to optimize it – she just didn’t know how.

Instead of immediately altering her routine and adopting a new set of habits, we began with a basic tracking system to highlight what she’d been doing. For the first two weeks we talked regularly (sometimes daily) as she created a detailed inventory of her morning routine. Once we knew that there were more than 30 things she was doing between the time she woke up and about 11am, we began to monitor the routine.

Once we had all of this information in-hand, she started to draft a list of what I call, “I am at my best when…” statements. These are the behaviors that, if done during the day, increase the likelihood of things going her way. For example, here are some of mine:

I am at my best when…
I eat a complete and balanced breakfast.
I ask for help on a project.
I say thank you to someone who may not expect it.

Now, just watch the video above from www.AtMyBestWhen.com, create your own inventory and enjoy a day better than most!

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Jason Womack

About Jason Womack

Jason W. Womack, MEd, is the founder of www.WomackCompany.com, a productivity-training firm based in Ojai, Calif. He also founded www.TimeToGetMomentum.com to coach a global community of business leaders in the skills necessary to thrive in business and in life. Womack is the author ofYour Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More(Wiley, 2012).