A win-win: Improving printing processes and creating a better employee experience

Any company with multiple locations, traveling employees and the ongoing need to protect sensitive data understands how important it is to have an effective print management strategy. This article provides a use-case example to show how organizations can gain control over wasteful printing processes while still give employees the print usability and access they require.

We’ve talked about common print challenges in previous blog articles before, with the intent to show how overcoming them can help organizations improve their print management efforts to reduce costs and other waste, improve their ability to “go green” and improve security.

But what if your organization still faces all of these challenges, all at once? For example, if you don’t have an effective print management solution, chances are good your employees are printing too much, leaving sensitive information sitting unguarded on print trays (a serious compliance risk) and wasting too much toner, paper and other resources.

But at the same time, we should note that printing is still an important daily activity for many employees. As much as we’ve talked about how many companies and industries are pushing to “go paperless,” (for example, in this article and this one, too) it is clear that some level of printing will continue for the foreseeable future.

So taking away printers or attempting to enforce printing rules employees might perceive as heavy-handed could have an adverse effect on employee productivity and even morale. (More on this topic in a future article.)

What’s the answer? One effective approach is a modern print environment – as controlled by a print management solution – that can balance the organization’s security and bottom-line requirements related to printing – while still giving employees the tools they need each and every day.


The perfect print management solution

This is exactly what one of our customers did recently. Facing all of the challenges described above – wasteful, unsecure printing as well as employee complaints about slow printing or limited connections – this company selected Nuance’s Output Manager solution.

In this case, this technology was the perfect solution because it now delivers print jobs to a secure print destination. Employees only have scan a badge to release their specific print job. This means documents with confidential information do not lie in the open and potentially fall into the wrong hands.

In turn, this helped the company consolidate the number of printers it leased and reduce overall printing – both of which led to significant cost savings.

From an employee perspective, employees were thrilled with the solution, especially since it simplified previously complex printing steps and accelerated printing processes. The entire process was so intuitive that there was really no training required, and user adoption – and morale – immediately soared.

It’s rare that organizations can achieve a true “win-win” when it comes to addressing complex challenges, but in this case, Nuance print management solutions can help organizations in any industry gain a more effective, secure printing approach while providing an experience employees will love.

To see other examples of how Nuance technology helps leading companies in many different industries, please visit our Success Story site today.

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