Innovative uses of OCR technology

Many software developers are using OCR scanning toolkits to build better products and support internal workflows and processes. Here, we take a closer look at server-based OCR solutions and officially unveil Nuance’s brand new OmniPage Developers’ Portal – full of valuable resources to help you develop and deploy the perfect OCR solution.

In a recent article, we described how a leading software company, GTB Technologies, used an optical character recognition (OCR) scanning software development kit (SDK) to add powerful OCR capabilities to its own application.

This decision came after the company determined it would be too time-consuming and potentially expensive to attempt to develop similar OCR scanning technology on its own. Beyond these internal benefits, GTB Technologies was able get its product to market faster and reduce sales cycles – critical advantages in increasing revenues and profits.

Software developers in other industries are adding OCR technology to bolster their products in similar ways. For example, tax software and financial services application makers now use OCR to enable end users to quickly convert any paper document into just about any format they can edit, organize, search and share.

Additionally, many other companies are using OCR in their own technology and workflows to help with eDiscovery efforts, power data loss prevention (DLP) programs and even complement mobile capture applications for converting business data for employees on the go.


OCR server solutions

Clearly, OCR SDKs and templates can be advantageous and provide a number of compelling business benefits. In this article, we offer a closer look at a related technology – server-based OCR – and show how it can also help companies achieve significant results.

First though, what is an OCR server solution? Simply put, it is a document conversion product suite that converts paper documents, digital files, images and more into PDF files (or other preferred formats) to support existing workflows and business processes.

With APIs and other development tools, OCR server solutions integrate with existing applications, which makes it ideal for software developers responsible for designing and implementing sophisticated – and scalable – applications involving PDF or paper documents.


MDS Software improves product suite with OCR

Additionally, from the developer’s perspective, such a solution offers powerful benefits when integrating into their own solution. For example, MDS Software created a proprietary invoice scanning application and hoped that it would help customers scan invoices, convert them using an OCR scanner, populate accounting software within this data and then route it for approval. Yet, existing technology simply couldn’t keep up, resulting in a process that required far too much manual intervention.

In this case, MDS turned to OmniPage Server as a high-volume, scalable OCR solution that could keep up with the high number of users MDS added to its software and extremely high volumes of document processing. With OmniPage Server, MDS’ software is much more accurate, which has virtually eliminated the need for users to re-key data. By eliminating errors – and the wasted time that went with them – this solution has helped users become happier and more productive.

To learn more, please download the full MDS success story now.


Introducing the new OmniPage Developers’ Portal

Or, if you’re ready to learn much more about Nuance’s OmniPage technology and SDKs, we invite you to visit our brand new OmniPage Developer’s Portal. This new portal now gives you a single point of access to the most comprehensive resources you need to get the most out of OmniPage solutions, including a comprehensive knowledge base, sample code and code snippets, documents, videos, forum and much more. (You need to register for full access, but this site also offers many great resources without the need to register.)

Visit the OmniPage Developers’ Portal to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Check out the brand new OmniPage Developers' Portal

Gain access to all the tools and resources you need to develop and deploy powerful OCR solutions.

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