JFK Health improves security, cost savings and clinical workflow efficiency

Today, most healthcare organizations continue to print a lot of documents, especially when it comes to patient information, health records, forms and more. But if they can streamline and improve printing processes, with a print management solution, they can reduce costs, improve document workflows and increase security. JFK Health was able to achieve all of these benefits, and now, a new video shows exactly how.

In one of my recent posts, I described a two-part challenge that exists in healthcare today:

  1. Most healthcare organizations still face the need to print a lot of information, such as patient records, consent/release forms, physicians’ instructions, prescriptions, discharge summaries and much more. As much as hospitals and healthcare organizations are attempting to reduce their reliance on paper, it is clear printing (in some capacity) is here to stay.
  2. Yet not only is this expensive, but so much printing can put healthcare organizations at risk of violating patient privacy regulations or not doing enough to safeguard Protected Healthcare Information (PHI).

To imagine just how significant this risk is, read our article on how a high-profile example of “printing gone wrong” led to the breach of patient data – and a PR nightmare for the healthcare organization.


The print management solution

What’s the answer? For many healthcare organizations, a comprehensive print management solution that improves the way they manage and monitor printing and can help to save money and increase confidence in document security.

For example, a print management solution can help hospitals and healthcare organizations create and enforce printing rules and track which employee has printed which documents. As a result, the organization will streamline document workflows, reduce print volumes and even bolster overall security efforts.

This is just the approach JFK Health, the Edison, N.J.-based healthcare and hospital network, took to lower printing costs and eliminate the potential of staff members leaving confidential patient information unattended on printers.



JFK Health turned to Nuance for a solution that would allow it to secure print jobs and reduce costs. The organization implemented three Nuance solutions: Nuance Equitrac, Nuance Output Manager and Nuance mobile printing with PrinterOn.

Together, the solutions deliver the functionality needed to manage and monitor printing as well as tools to increase printing and document security. The combination has allowed JFK Health to achieve process improvement, cost containment and flexibility.

To quote Indranil Ganguly, JFK Health’s vice president and CIO, “Security, cost-savings, and efficiency are three of the top priorities at JFK Health. The Nuance solutions … really helped by making it easier for our users to interact with the print environment. It has also allowed us to reduce risk and reduce cost – while not negatively impacting our users.”


JFK Health highlights

To learn more about JFK Health’s implementation and results, watch our new video or download the complete success story now.

You’ll see how JFK Health was able to:

  • Reduce standalone desk units with communal MFPs, key in eliminating approximately 60 devices from the 500 the IT team used to support – a 10 percent reduction.
  • Achieve additional savings by identifying large print jobs that could be printed less expensively and more efficiently at the print shop.
  • Create print rules that let JFK Health control the usage of devices located in public areas by disabling them during specific hours and holding print jobs in queue until they could be safely printed and collected.
  • Reduce print volumes while increasing document security.

All of this has turned into a real advantage for JFK Health. Or as Eileen Donnelly, director of IT, applications, says, “We have to be able to deliver the tools and technology to support an EMR and using Nuance solutions helps us move toward that strategy – building a paper-light environment. The solutions have been a great satisfier for our clinicians, help us take care of our patients in real time and allow our IT staff to sleep better at night.”

To learn more about JFK Health’s experience with Nuance solutions, please download the full success story now.

Watch our JFK Health video now

See how JFK Health used Nuance solutions to reduce costs, increase document security and improve document workflows


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