Legally binding and easy to implement, digital signatures are becoming a business standard

Digital signatures are standard operating procedure in most business-to-business environments, and more business-to-consumer transactions are taking advantage of online solutions like Nuance® Power PDF™. This article examines the business benefits of digital signatures and makes it easy to understand the importance of this technology.

Every day more companies are moving on from traditional paper contracts and legal documents and enabling important business documents online with digital signatures. Though law firms and consulting groups are among the most prolific adopters, it is a trend that persists regardless of company size or industry. That’s because digital signatures lead to better productivity, improved efficiency and workflow, and cost savings — benefits for any business.

From vendor contracts to mortgages, statements of work, and other important documents, digital signatures are changing the way businesses and partners and consumers reach agreements. Let’s look at some of the business benefits that are making a daily case for digital signatures using software like Nuance® Power PDF™.

Reducing paper costs

Digital signatures are one of the essential components of moving to a paperless process, which brings the expected cost savings: less paper, ink, printing charges and maintenance, as well as fewer shipping costs associated with large document files. But there are less obvious savings that businesses realize with digital signatures.

For example, the productivity savings associated with processing documents 100% online, enabling companies to forego manual document execution, filing, and document and data retrieval. Even reducing the risk of lost documents can prevent a substantial (and unexpected) loss in productivity.


Faster payments

The speed and simplicity of signing documents online means that contracts will turn around faster, helping companies be more efficient and recognize revenue faster. Documents that require multiple signatures become extremely easy to execute, even when the required signatures must come from opposite sides of the country or across the globe. Many programs can even automate the routing of contracts after each signature.

Businesses are eager for every opportunity to speed up the sales process and close revenue faster, and software like Power PDF represents a powerful, low-cost solution.


Better security

Digital signature software such as Power PDF makes it easy for companies to track documents online and access real-time awareness of signature status. That means businesses won’t lose hours or days as contracts linger on someone’s desk waiting to be signed. Power PDF also safeguards documents with secure network and digital ID encryption protection that prevents tampering and unauthorized signatures throughout the document’s workflow.


Improved customer experience

Companies and consumers alike have become accustomed to conducting business online, from approvals to e-commerce and everything in between. It’s what we’ve come to expect, and a contract signature shouldn’t be any different.

Digital signature software like Power PDF allows customers to sign contracts online with nothing to download or install, just a network connection. It ensures a maximum customer experience, making it easy for everyone to do business with your company wherever and whenever you need to engage them. The technology is easy to use and delivers value by streamlining business operations.

Learn more with our “Signing a PDF” video

Using electronic signatures, you can replace paper-based processes that require signing of documents and achieve faster turnaround times and enhance productivity.


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