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Using an OCR SDK is a great way to make your application better while also saving development time and effort and getting your product to market faster. This article takes a closer look at the benefits of adding forms-processing and data-extraction capabilities to your technology and provides details on an upcoming webinar to help you learn more.
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We recently published two articles describing the benefits associated with optical character recognition (OCR). More specifically, we highlighted ways software developers and companies are now using powerful OCR software development kits (SDKs) to add new functionality to their applications or complement their technology in a new way.

For example, a leading software company used OCR to build data loss prevention capabilities into its product. Another successfully created a scalable invoice-scanning application to support high volume document-scanning processes – functionality it couldn’t have easily developed on its own.


Forms processing and data extraction

This article continues our OCR discussion, and describes some benefits associated with adding forms-processing technology to applications.

First though: Just what is forms processing, and why would anyone consider it?

Forms processing is a specific function that uses OCR technology to create and execute various data-extraction processes. It’s powerful because it helps users automate so many manual efforts once associated with entering data from paper forms, tables, machine-printed text, surveys, tests and more. Additionally, users can create form templates for all of the different document types they want to process to further support extraction processes.

Not only does forms processing reduce data entry time and costs, but it improves the accuracy of data, minimizes error rates and even enhances data security considering this information often exists in paper format. More, adding forms processing can give software developers a critical advantage over their competition.

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