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Organizations of all sizes in all industries need to be able to control their print management costs, while at the same time increase workforce productivity and secure their most sensitive documents to ensure their data isn’t exposed to security and compliance risks. Overuse of print in an office environment can have a negative impact on the bottom line. Managing printers and print servers can be challenging and monotonous for IT departments. Sensitive information sitting on a printer or leaving the organization can expose a company to compliance risk and even costly data leaks—leaving your content and your company unprotected.
Nuance print management solutions secures information and processes

Workers expect to print whenever they want to. They don’t think about which print server or network they are connected to. They don’t think about which print drivers they have downloaded. They certainly don’t think to check whether a printer is online and ready to print. They just want to hit ‘print’ and be done.

For organizations, print solutions aren’t just about document output, but also but enhancing security and productivity, and reducing costs. Implementing the right cost control measures requires clear visibility into print usage and behavior. Printing is essential, but not all decisions to print are made responsibly. Armed with the right information, print policy decisions can be made that reduce volumes and costs, supporting the bottom line and environmental initiatives while not impacting user productivity and satisfaction.

By applying access controls around printing, critical information is protected throughout its chain of custody, while ensuring that workers can securely print anytime/anywhere, and to any device. Secure printing will prevent data loss, account for every page and ensure that workers have access only to the information and systems they need, which may help your organization adhere to compliance regulations.

Meeting worker expectations while reducing strain on IT staff and budgets is what print management does, and does well. These solutions provide access to printing whenever and wherever workers need it, while maintaining control over costs and security with features that prevent unauthorized or uncontrolled printing that exposes sensitive data to the wrong individuals. Further, with safeguards in place that prevent documents from being printed if the user doesn’t present him/herself at the printer, organizations reduce physical and monetary waste. For IT professionals, print management solutions minimize network print infrastructure costs by providing better control over print servers, print drivers and the complexities of supporting mixed print fleets.

At Nuance, we’re proud to be the leading worldwide vendor for print management solutions, as recognized by IDC. We take pride in helping our customers address day-to-day print challenges and strategic business initiatives with our solutions. Our familiarity helping organizations of all sizes around the world positions us to be a trusted advisor and guide as our partners and customers investigate, deploy and maintain their print fleets. We thank our customers for their faith in us and helping us achieve this milestone for the fourth year in a row.

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Stacy Leidwinger is the VP of Product for Nuance Document Imaging. Her background is in both product marketing and product management helping position B2B software companies for growth and market leadership. Prior to Nuance, Stacy led the product team at RES Software assisting the company in transforming beyond desktop management into security which resulted in acquisition by Ivanti. Before RES, she led product management at IBM within their Big Data portfolio. She had joined IBM as result of acquisition after leading Vivisimo’s overall product and go-to-market strategy within the Enterprise Search Market. Follow Stacy on Twitter: @StacyLeidwinger