OCR capabilities deliver surprising business benefits

Choosing the right optical character recognition (OCR) software development kit can help software developers add powerful new capabilities to their applications, and even get them to market much faster. But they also help their end users take advantage of OCR in innovative ways to solve specific challenges and reap powerful new benefits. A new webinar series shows you exactly how to pick the right OCR SDK and become and OCR expert.

Imagine this scenario. You are a software engineer responsible for developing an OCR application.  that can convert and manage extremely high volumes of documents to support a company’s document management strategy or workflows.

Specifically, your software application must be able to convert tens of thousands of documents (if not more) into a wide variety of formats, such as Word, Excel, PDF, and more. It must then integrate them into existing workflows to make sure the organization’s content is available to the right users and in the right places.

If this sounds challenging – and it does – there is one easy solution: a powerful document conversion and imaging software development kit (SDK). Using optical character recognition (OCR), these SDKs offer “just right” functionality to help engineers develop software solutions to automatically convert critical documents, route them to the right destination and empower employees with fast, easy access to information.

Additionally, many software developers and their end users are finding highly innovative ways to apply OCR and document conversion capabilities.

For example, OCR technology can help make content much more contextually aware. In this case, the organization can create specific business rules to route (or prevent routing) to the most appropriate workflows based on the specific content in particular document. This can help a financial services company prevent the wrong document from being emailed or distributed, thereby helping improve its data loss prevention strategy. Law firms and legal departments can do the same to streamline efforts related to researching a case or facilitating eDiscovery efforts.


An OCR webinar series every developer should see

So how do you get started, and what is the right OCR SDK for you? To help, we’ve created our new “OCR Document Capture Webinar Series: “Become an OCR Guru.” This interactive webinar series takes a closer look at the topics on the top of any developer’s list: accelerating your success in applications using OCR and best practices to get you on the fast track to becoming a true OCR guru.

We actually held the first webinar this week, which focused on the topic of choosing the right API to reduce engineering costs and accelerate product development. You can access this webinar as an on-demand replay or share it with a colleague who might have missed it.

Visit our webinar registration page to see the future webinars we have planned. You’ll see how the right OCR SDK, such as OmniPage® Capture SDK, can deliver these powerful advantages.

  • Streamlined processes: Nuance’s OCR technology is available to employees around the clock and operates unattended, ensuring administrators and employees remain productive as documents are converted automatically.
  • Accuracy: Nuance OCR technology handles a wide range of file types and uses advanced layout retention technology and conversion to editable formats to accommodate and faithfully reproduce complexity within those documents, such as images, tables, graphics, and different languages for organizations operating globally.
  • Security: Nuance technology offers the flexibility to improve processing speed without sacrificing security requirements or challenging network privacy.


If you’re looking to add OCR to your application, these webinars will do more than help you get started. They’ll give you proven best practices and valuable insights to help you make the right technical decisions – and avoid costly missteps – to develop the best OCR conversion solution possible.

Ready to learn more?

Register now for our webinar series, “OCR Document Capture Webinar Series: “Become an OCR Guru.”

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